My birthday party

This holiday I had my birthday party is was a lot of fun.It was on the 25th of may on a Saturday.I had it at megazone.  There were these other people that played and they were very competitive and rude.After megezone I had a few people back to my house it was very wild.When everybody had to leave one of my best friends mollie stayed  for a sleepover and we watched movies did our hair and nails and then she had to go at lunch time.I hope all of you that came had a fun time.

Making cards

Sometimes in my free time I do crafting with my mum. We make cards for special occasions or just to say thank you for something. My favourite card my mum has ever made is the one for my birthday. It was about a horse and a jockey and it was a beautiful blue. The picture on the card was quite funny because the horse was sitting down like a dog and the rider has a learner’s hanger!