Bradley’s Diary

                                           BRADLEY’S DIARY



Today I went to see Carla, the new counselor. I liked it, but I didn’t let it show. I couldn’t let it show. People would just think I’m a wimp. Ronnie says it is alright to change your mind, though.

Jeff is so stupid. I mean, who would go into the girls bathroom? At least he went to Carla as well as me. I like Carla, she let me draw a picture. But, I know she is trying to trick me. I will never ever fall for adults tricks.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit is a brilliant story about a Hobbit, called Bilbo, living peacfully until Gandalf and his crew arrive at his Hobbit-hole. They are on an adventure to steal their used-to-be treasure from Smaug the Magnificent, a very dangerous dragon. But after some unfortunate events, and the magic ring, will they do it?


I reccommend this book to ages 9-11