Temple Run

Here is my temple run paragraph(Climax) which I had to do whilst doing Slow Writing.

He could hear the wall’s crumbling and could see the golden idol but could smell damp and wet dog.Slow,Cooling,Breezing wind blew on his face. Slowly, he reached for the idol. As he pulled the golden idol back he nudged one of the monkey statues and they came alive. This was it. What shall he do? Rrrruuuunnnn.

Our 100 Word Challenge

After a stressful flight, Bob and Dave stared at each other and then went to the theme park. Bob decided to have a hotdog. He was worried because there was to many birds and he was thinking if they might take it. It happened! Suddenly the birds swooped down and pooped on Daves head. They had to go home but they couldn’t there home was on the other side on the country (spain) and right now they were in Disneyland Paris. Bob and Dave fell over there flab and got pooped on a lot again and then a hunter came and shot all the birds… 

This is the 100wc that me and Joe D did. Please leave a comment.

Optical Illusions

Here are some Optical Illusions. Optical Illusions mess with your brain and send different messages to your brain that tells you one thing and another.

How many legs?

Does it spin and get bigger when blinking?

Who’s heads that’s?

Which way round are the hoops?

Which one is smiling?

Stare at the cross for 30 seconds then look at a wall or something light colored.

Can you see Jesus because I can?

Who can you see?

What can you see two people or a vase? 

Can you see two women having dinner or a skull?

What can you see? Look closely.

Please comment for all the answers to my questions. 🙂

My 100 Word Challenge

This is my 100 Word Challenge.

After watching hundreds of TV shows, I decided to go to the moon. As I got there, I saw a figure. It was blue, small and oval. I can speak alien so I said ” Are you hungry? You can share with me!” It said” Yes.” It snatched my lunch and ate it. The alien scoffed it down. I carried on eating. The alien didn’t notice me, but then he said in his language “Can you help me? and I said “ OK!” When I got back to my rocket it was gone. What shall I do? How do I get home?….

My Spell!

This is my Shakespeare spell for Macbeth. Please leave a comment.

Add a Lizards tooth and heart,
Then just add a really big fart.
Add a girls hair with a bobble,
Then add a turkey that once did gobble.
Add a crocodile’s tongue,
Then just add a lady’s thong

Stir and burn, enough to make you completely insane,
Don’t forget to add that popping vain.

Shoot a bird dead with a gun,
Then your spell will be nearly done.
Add a poo straight from the loo,
No-one will know what to do.
Eye of a newt toe of a frog,
Then just add some roasting hog.

Stir and burn,enough to make you completely insane,
Don’t forget to add that popping vain.

Kittens teeth and principles touge,
Know make sure you don’t do it wrong.
Add a lump of snot with a drip of sweat,
Do not take this for a threat.
Add some green moldy moss,
Then just add a man named Ross.

Stir and burn,enough to make you completely insane,
Don’t forget to add that popping vain.

Stir a baby sick and a fig,
Then just add a womens green old wig.
Add a toddler’s snot straight from the nose,
Then add a pile of Russian peoples toes.
Add some fire,then some snow,
Then add some fairtrade cocoa.

Stir and burn,enough to make you completely insane,
don’t forget to add that popping vain.

I am a Digital Leader!

On Friday, I found out if I was a Digital Leader or not and I was. I still can not get over it because it was a big opportunity to show my knowledge on a computer. This is good news but there was bad news for a couple of people like my friend Maria, she did not get it so Maria you might get it next time. Thank you for reading this!