Dragon’s Den #1

Last week, the children made their chocolates that they had been planning for quite some time!

Today, they began using their Literacy skills to plan a persuasive presentation   which will take place on Thursday. Using a speech, a poster and a slideshow, the children must convince the dragons (the teachers!) that their chocolate is the most unique.

Here are some early efforts; what do you think?


my box design

on¬†Thursday¬†we’ve been making boxes to put some chocolates inside.here’s a¬†example¬†of mine

first we made the boxes.Next we did the design.after that we make the chocolate. finally we eat the chocolate!

Class trip!

On Friday,my class and I went to town.It took ages to just get there.We all had to split into groups.My group went to Thortons first.I took lots of pictures.We even got a packet of chocolates for FREE! Next ¬†my group went to M and S to see thier chocolate and we got to try a piece. Lastly but not the worst we went to Sainsbury’s and I took even more pictures.







We need your help!

We have had a brilliant day tasting even more chocolate as part of our market research. We have been finding out how chocolate companies make their product unique, so that we can begin to develop our own ideas.

There were lots of very exciting and unique designs, including chilli popping candy and a white, dark and milk chocolate egg! After hearing all of the product designs, we decided we might need a little more help. This is where we need you!

Poppy and Kimi created this excellent questionnaire, which the class then worked together to improve upon. Please help us further our research and answer the questions below.

Thank you!


The day the chocolatier came…

Today we had a visitor in school to help the year 5 and 6 children find out more in their chocolate topic. Robin and Peter from Nottingham run Chocolate Utopia, a specialist chocolate shop in the city centre.

We found out more about the history of chocolate, as well as being able to hold a real cocoa pod and smell the beans too! Of course the most exciting part was being able to taste different chocolates – we had tonka, Madagascar, Thai and milk chocolate truffles. Yum!

What was your favourite part of the day?

What type of chocolate would you make if you were a chocolatier?