My Christmas

This christmas all of my family from my Mum’s side went to my Nan’s house because it’s her first christmas without my grandad. When we arrived we played around then we went to the wigginton. As soon as we got back we went to wach the tamworth castle fireworks. We got back and had our christmas dinner, pulled crackers , wached T.V and played games. Went to bed woke up and ate a full english breakfast had a pyjama day and just played around then we came home and played with our toys and guinea pigs.

Hobbit with my Dad

This christmas I went to watch the Hobbit which was surprisingly 3 hours long!The screen brightened the pitch black room. I really was astonished because its the first time my Dads stayed awake for the hole film. In my opinion I think the film is better than the book because the film helped you understand the storyline. I’m still reading the book though and I might change my mind. One of my best films. Age rate:Its got some gory bits so about 7+.

My Christmas

This year I had a wonderful Christmas.After a restless night of relentless turning,  my sister and I awoke up at 7:00. Then, we … up are drier-eyed parent’s. When we were all, nearly, awake I scarpered down stairs. To tear open crimos  wrapping-paper that revealed a ‘ bladeztoyz ‘ remote control helicopter, a Swiss army knife, Venus fly trap seeds, a kit to make candles and a guitar that I will soon learn to play. Most of the day we tried out are new games and helped make the cranberry sauce.

For Christmas dinner, we had a Mediterranean vegetable Wellington, steamed asparagus, green beans and carrots, as well as roasted potatoes and brussel-sprouts.

We had a Quiet evening, at the end of the day we huddled around the fire and watched       ‘ The Christmas Carol ‘. Though it was simple it was a memorable and wonderful Christmas.



Tomorrow is christmas and I can’nt wait to open the present I got from Mr Connor.                               Have you thought of the true meaning of christmas?     I have.        Merry christmas everyone.  🙂

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus not about shopping or the food.

Christmas (acrostic poem)

Christmas, a time for forgiveness and everlasting joy

Happiness engulfing the crisp winds

Reindeer prancing through the pear coloured snow

Imaginations of children running wild

Snow elegantly drifting in the harsh discordent winds

Together family’s huddle around an open fire that’s amber flames sways gentley

Mistletoe hung deep within brackes of the trees

An excitement that could never dimish

Smiles gleaming in the warn undeniable joy of Christmas day


by Rene


I cant wait untill Christmas.  I love writing letters to santa.

But he never gives me any presents.

The best thing I like about christmas is putting the tree up.

Me and my mum and my sister do that together.

The things I like about christmas is that it is always fun and we get to decorate the house and we get to go shopping and buy christmas teddys.