My Poem

The one that loves to dance


She is small, she is skinny, but she sure knows how to move her feet,

The one she hates said something horrid

And that one really is very solid

She said

“Make me scream, make me suffer but I’ll embarrass you like Katy Snuffer


She is small, she is skinny, but she sure knows how to move her feet,

She practiced and practiced until she was too good

And dance the night away if she could

She said

“I may be small, I may be skinny but baby I know how to move my feet


Thank you for reading! I wrote this all by myself!


RE Day

Today, 21st of June we will be having an RE day. RE is all about Jesus and God and we learn how to be a good Catholic.

We have to dress up as someone or something from the Old Testament from the Bible. Some people are coming in onesies, to be animals from Noah’s Ark. Maybe someone could be Noah or maybe Joseph!

The teachers are dressing up as lots of things, Mr Connor said ‘He’s Trying To Get As Many Animals On Him As He Can’. So I’m quite exited to see that!

Our school prayer.

This is our school, let peace dwell here.

Let  each room be full of contemption.

Love of life, love of one another


So that’s what we’re doing today, What About You?

Ciara & Daniel 100wc

My mum died, it was the worst day. The only memory I have of her is when my dad said he wanted to die, but on that night that was it for my mum, she was gone. Her name was Emily Sharp. I think my mum haunts me every night, she sings me to sleep at night. She was the best mum ever; wife according to dad. I feel myself dying inside, I feel myself. I am a ghost. The back door’s wide open, I fly out. The birds swooped down and created a love heart, I could see her. “Mum, I really missed you”

My short story

As the sun came out, my eyes closed into a deep, dark sleep. When I drifted off into my own world, I landed in the clouds. The clouds weren’t normal, though. They were a pinky colour and very fluffy. There was a man who was telling me something but nothing was coming out off his mouth. This world wasn’t normal. This is my world.

My Poem

 Mummy Poem

My husband is a stupid, ugly lad                                                          
And all my children are very very bad
And my children don’t even like me!
Espiecally one and his name is Lee
Me and my mother never got along
My children play me like the’re playing ping pong
I buy 5 things for them every day
Can I have a cup of tea, can I may?
At 8 o’clock that’s bye bye to the light
I put them to bed without a fight
Me and my family don’t have anything in common at all
They will do what they’re told is I give them a call
That was my poem I hope you like it!

My Report On Bradley Chalkers

When I first saw Bradley Chalkers, I saw something in him that made me think he was troubled. When I was meeting him I wasn’t cross with him because I knew he could change, he just needed to  see me a couple more times. He was lonely and miserable because  of his life on the playground.

From what Bradley has been telling m, he is only a bully because he wants respect. His home life sounds quite hard for him because I think he feels embarrassed for the way he feels. I know he is keeping a big secret from me that I can help him with.

I helped him quite a lot by giving him my favourite book. He really likes the book; it made him become friends with Jeff again. I also helped him by talking to him about things he wants to talk about.  I think Bradley has changed a lot while seeing me.

I think he struggles to stay concentrated during class. Bradley just needs to create a bond with his teacher  Mrs Ebble.

He has jjust gotten used to having no friends and not doing his homework. When Jeff started school he wanted to be friend. Bradley was just surprised and now he has had Jeff as a friends and been to a birthday party, Bradley is a normal boy and has normal friends.

Into conclusion, I think Bradley Chalkers, he lights up my day every time I see him. I think Bradley has changed a lot and you should be  proud of him.

Carla  Davis

100wc- Ciara

Today I found out we all die and we all get hurt. When I got home today my Mum nearly killed me! I came home with a black eye and a broken arm. I got in a fight. I went to my Dads because Mum hated me. He was the same as Mum. I had nowhere to go. I lay down on a hard brown bench, suddenly the pain in my arm nearly made me scream. I strolled to my friend Jaden’s house and slept there until I had the guts to go home. When I got home I took small steps into the house. “Hi?”

My trip to the park

On Thursday I went to the park with my next door neighbours. I’m the oldest out of them. There is Sofia and Easter and they love it when I come over. Anyway, we went to the park and there is a long slide and we went down it so many times it’s unbelievable! We were only supposed to be there for 30 minutes but we stayed for about 1 hour! It was just so fun. Have You been any were nice recently?


My riddle, comment what You think it is!

It is shaded black                                                                                                                                       It follows me everywhere                                                                                                                        It moves at the same time as me                                                                                                            It does the same thing as me                                                                                                                  


Good Luck!