My story

Cry wolf

“Mummy, I don’t feel very well today I can’t go to school” exclaimed Joy. “Well You were fine to minutes ago before you checked on your school website what You were doing today!” replied Kellie (Joy’s mum). “Please?” begged Joy, as Kellie reached for the phone so she could call school. “YAY!” shouted Joy. “Um.. hello this is Kellie Smith Joy’s Smiths mum, I would like to say um.. Joy is um.. ill she has- has been sick! yes she has been sick!” lied Kellie. Kellie turned and saw a big, cheesy smile on Joy’s face.

At 9:15 am Joy wrote a long list of what she was going to do today, she was

1. going to the park                                                                                                                   2.going to give her mum a makeover                                                                                       3.going to buy a computer for her room

And it went on, on and on with all of these crazy idea’s. When she had done it, she showed her mum. Kellie shook her head and threw the list in the silver, glossy bin. Joy knew the list wasn’t very appropriate for real life.

The next morning, Joy shouted “mummy I still don’t feel very well!” as she tried to make a couple coughs  sound real. “Joy have You heard of the phrase ‘Cry Wolf’?” asked Kellie. “Um… no” cried Joy. “Well I shall tell You” whispered Kellie. “Okay, once there was a farmer who  owned lots of sheep’s and every time a wolf came to attack the sheep the farmer would say help. Every time he said that the other people in the village would come and shoot the wolf. The farmer once or twice did it as a joke so the time when the wolf really did come only a couple of people came so the wolf killed all the sheep!” explained Kellie. “So is that like skiving?” asked Joy. Kellie nodded slowly. “Well mummy I feel better now, I can go to school!”. “That’s what I thought” yelled Kellie.

The End…

So if You skive of school (skive means fake being ill so You can be of school) don’t do it!

1. You might miss out on the fun stuff they do at school

2. If your really ill your parents won’t believe You!

3. It’s not very good to lie!

My poem

My family is so fun

All the members shine like the sun

My dog Cleo never bites

But she’s not allowed to sleep with me in the nights

There’s seven people in my house

We’re not as quiet as a mouse

I’m the youngest out of all the seven

We’ve all been good so we’ll go to Heaven

Thank you!


There are lots of holidays like

1. Christmas

2. Easter


There very special because they all mean something like Christmas is when Jesus died and Easter is when Jesus rose again. Your birthday is very special to You, it’s the day when You were born.

My Poem


Australia’s warm

Up and down in the water

Seven hours before us (or 8)

Ten thousand people and counting

Rain only comes about 2 a mouth

Aand my cousins live there

Lollipops, ice lollys You eat all the time

If You go the Australia metion me!

Australia is a good place



Recently, I have achieved Stage 9 in my swimming lesson. My mum & dad are really proud of me. When  I was younger I hated swimming but now I love it! It is one of my favorite things to do. My other hobbies are drawing and making things (arts and crafts) What are your hobbies?

Are You ever bored at home?

Are You ever bored at home? Okay, if You are here are some things to do!

1. You could write a story

2. Go outside and run around or if You have a trampoline go on it!

3. Maybe, You could make up some jokes to tell your friends 

4. Go to sleep!

Thanks for reading I hope when your bored You try these!

100wc- Ciara

“Jade!” shouted Olivia, while rocketing towards her. Olivia was obviously mad at her. Jade was grabbed on the arm and pulled into the music studio. Olivia grabbed a guitar and ran into the recording studio. Her hand was on the string of the guitar and STRUM a giant noise spread across the room. The noise was deafening. “What have I done?!” asked Jade. “You’ve been the worst friend in the world!” replied Olivia as she stormed out the black room. You could see the tears building up in Jade’s eyes as she slowly strolled out the room. Olivia kept going, Jade was behind.

My Story


“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH LEAVE ME ALONE I HATE YOU” shouted Sophie as she slammed her white wooden bedroom door. As the night came to an end, things were getting very nasty. Sophie was screaming because she didn’t want to go to bed, Sophie’s mum Grace was shouting back at Sophie and Sophie’s dad Patrick was going crazy!

By the time Sophie had to get up for school she finally got into bed. Grace was nagging Sophie to get up then. “no You just told me to get into bed so i’m in bed and now You want me to get back up again!” exclaimed Sophie. 

Finally, Sophie got up just in time for school. Even though they were doing her favorite subject Sophie was still falling asleep in class. After school Patrick took Sophie home. When they got there Sophie went straight to bed.


The family of three was the loudest family on the street. For Sophie’s 10th birthday she had an art afternoon. The family of three became 5 with two female twins. The arguing went on and the two girls became just like Sophie

The End!




100wc – Ciara

I run, I run faster and faster every step I take a step. I’m running from the police I’m not a criminal I just don’t understand the meening of the world. I reach into my pocket and bring out a black paint ball gun. See it’s not a real gun! I shoot behind me. The green shoots could be seen from a mile away. I’m going to get into trouble lots and lots of trouble. The police get closer and closer. It’s time, time to give myself up. I slow down waiting for them to catch up with me thats it. It’s time. I’ve had enough. Later.




Trip to to moon

Here I am, sitting on the moon. I hear a noise underneath me. My chair is moving. Suddenly, I hear                                                                                                                      “I’m Jive” I quickly jump up and see a blue figure slowly getting up of the ground. My mouth is wife open,  I’ve never seen anything like it.                                                                              “Close your mouth you might swallow stars” exclaimed Jive.

I moon walk to the other side of the moon thinking that Jive wouldn’t follow me. Two blue fingers touch my shoulder. Jive spotted the yellow box in my bag.                                         “NO, THATS MINE!” I shouted. Jive looks at me but keeps eating

My Story

The day that nobody knew about

“What has happened to our town?” asked Molly anxiously.
“I don’t know but I really want to find out” replied Chloe. They walked a little further while looking around troubled. They rambled past a purple house and sitting in the window was a box. Not any type of box, this was a box that looked like it was from the future. They stared in the window to figure out what it  was.

About 2 minutes later the box… POPPED and out came a little still man, he looked real though. Molly slowly reached into the window and grabbed the box. The small man on the box suddenly moved a little bit, “ Didn’t that man on the box… move?” cried Chloe
“No don’t be silly, course he didn’t!” Laughed Molly  They started to run. Molly feld the box titley but she didn’t know that the man was alive. The man didn’t want to be kept as a toy so he marched of the box and back to the window. They didn’t realize though so they kept going.  They stumbled past a lamppost with large eyes and bushy eyebrows.

“This town has changed over night, hasn’t it?” Chloe inquizzacly.
“I think” Molly answered while hearing the lamppost speak.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh” Molly screamed and ran away. Chloe ran after her. They got to path they ran down until they got to the bottom of it. When they got there Molly ran into a door that led to another door and another and so on…

She was still running and still screaming. Chloe and Molly slowed down when they got to the last room. They saw lots of sweets and chocolate. In the corner there was a woman, a woman with green skin and  a old, wrinkly face. The woman had a brown wooden stick and she bannged it on the flooor. They looked down and saw they turned into pie!

The woman started stumbling across the floor towards them. She tried to speak but nothing was coming out. The woman dragged them by the ear to the oven. The girls refused to get in the giant oven so the sprinted to the door and flu it open.
“RUN!!!” screamed Molly. They ran past the lamppost with big eyes and bushy eyebrows. It gave them its metal hand and pulled them up.
“Thank you” Chloe said un-shorely.
“Anytime the lamppost said deeply.The woman tumbled past them without knowing they were there. Unluckily she ran into the road and shooting past came a plant pot in a purple race car. That was the end of her.

Why I should have my own blog

Dear Mr Connor,

I think I should have my own blog because it will give me chance to really understand the reason of the blog and let people see my work with out having to go from page to page. I would go on it when ever I have chance to go on the Internet and for about 45 minutes. I want to improve my writing and if I have my own blog I will definitely improve.