My holidays

At holidays we went to my untis house and allso it was my birthday was 12 of April I got £15 and iphone 4s it was my best day ever next day we had a party and it was funny then we went to town and we could buy enthing we want then all the time was normal

party day!!!!

At holiday me and my family on 24th of febuary went to a party because it was my cousens baby that had  babtism and my cousins sister had a wedding. Everyone was dancing we had lots of food and we had a DJ. he played lots of songs after that everyone went home and we had a lot of fun !:)

all about me

My name is Dagmara, I am 9 years old i live in derby. I live with my mum  dad and 2 sisters. My favouret sport is tenis i allways play with my sisters.I have a pet chines dwof hamster he bites some times and he is brown and grey he has a blue case.I don’t like to play football. At school i always play with my best fraind Aleksandra when i am sad she allways makes me happy.My best couler is best place is beach.I like spending time in my unties house beacause i play with my cousens.

Dragon’s Den #1

Last week, the children made their chocolates that they had been planning for quite some time!

Today, they began using their Literacy skills to plan a persuasive presentation   which will take place on Thursday. Using a speech, a poster and a slideshow, the children must convince the dragons (the teachers!) that their chocolate is the most unique.

Here are some early efforts; what do you think?