Temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerks forward engine crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life. I suddenly dropped in shock,it felt like I was flying.I looked around me it was just trees and mud.It was a, golden dust tip pyramid. What exactly was it?I gently moved forward. Not knowing where I was as I glanced up and I saw a bark of tree.I slowly as felt a sharp pain as I realised the pilot was gone.It was worst than my nightmare

Where am I? My head is full of questions that I could not answer. Eyes were everywhere I was being followed. What is following me? I asked myself in my mind. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned  there was nothing.  What could have been caused the thudding on the lifeless floor? thought it could be a tree chopping towards me. I heard another loud bang, I heard leaves  being crushed underneath me.  What is following me?  why? I saw a temple, I saw a door, racing to it, I  found a chance to get rid of the thing that was chasing me.  Do I have the time to do it?  I saw the temple behind them, that’s when I took the wrong turn, I ran towards it.

I can’t get away from this place. I think i’ve seen it before, but where? My dreams are coming alive, my thoughts are racing through my mind. Am I alone is anyone here? That  is all I wanted  to know, apart from the how am I meant to go home? There it was and I reached for it but as i reached for it but as I touched it I could hear howling monkeys in the distance. Out I came zooming out of the temple door

Suddenly they caught up with me and i lost it. will i live or die? what are they and what were they doing. I was running i jumped and i got away. but it wasn’t over yet it was just beginning. i ran faster faster and faster until they started to disappear. i don’t  know what to do now. I think i should fight. No that would be crazy or would it be. I could die. or i could live or i could be injured.

Earth veered from under my feet, showering the portentous pools below.My feet trembleswhile, running through  the hard stone path.My knees are tnickling with blood but i carry on running. With a fall I was splashing trying to flout. I had a feeling i would die,right here,right now. Breaking loose from the path it begins to ebb away. Am i still alive? I hesitate in fear. I tried to seal my hands. I couldn’t even move them. I swam to the island were bumped into someone. he looked familiar?The relief of life immersed me in its warm embrace. Will I ever escape from this creepy and magic place?


Ciara & Daniel 100wc

My mum died, it was the worst day. The only memory I have of her is when my dad said he wanted to die, but on that night that was it for my mum, she was gone. Her name was Emily Sharp. I think my mum haunts me every night, she sings me to sleep at night. She was the best mum ever; wife according to dad. I feel myself dying inside, I feel myself. I am a ghost. The back door’s wide open, I fly out. The birds swooped down and created a love heart, I could see her. “Mum, I really missed you”

The nightmare

It was a fine cold afternoon a person called jim was resting after his job.He went to sleep unknown what meybe happen to him. Suddnly he herd a creek at first he thoght that might be a tree but it became loghder so he went do. Check it out he thoght somthing wered was gowing on jim opened the door… people  says that in the afternoon a invisable man comes  and killes the persone a sacrefuisess the human to the godes and never seen.


Today, I went to school it was a nice cool day in the sun under the shining sun but in the afternoon we were playing rounders but suddenly the pain in my arm I failed in agony then the police came i felted i was unconscious.There was a mystery that had to be solved and the person Wait his name is who is he and why did he shot him or was it a distraction to steal something this is confusing like a puzzle but then the police. Nobody knowed what happened that afternoon all we know is that the person will go to prison…


100 word challenge

Jim was planing how to steal the spaceship at night.The next day, he woke up. As soon as he got to the spacecenter he stole the spaceship. Jim  started the engine and flue to the moon.He saw a shadow it came closer and closer until it attaked him but then Jim said “he was a freand“.So he offered a peace offering so. He could make up for his masteken .Just then a huge meteor hedded for earth.The alien said sommthing in alien lagguge he understanded that he will help him. Just then a huge army off aliens was marching…

slow writing challenge

It was a gloomy day. I went to the lighthouse to se if a bout was stuck in the sea just then I heared a sking nouse it was getting closer and closer but I thinked what could it be a peanguen. My hands shiverd as it is getting closer I looked to the wal land saw a big shadow in front of me.I know there was somthing behind me. Then at that moment I had a flash back when I was little I saw the same shado as that exact moment I tryed to look be hined me but then…

slow writing

It wus snowing I did not know what to do .It wus really chilly outside the ice wus slippy like a snails gew.I could not belif my eyes it wus happy until the snow had tern into ice. It wusent fun because you could make snow men then the joy came back on Theresday. it wus like a dream come true.