Digital leader meeting

Every Monday I have digital leader meetings with the other digital leaders.  In this weeks digital leader meeting Mrs kearney told us that the Governors were coming to talk to us next Tuesday.  We all had to chose something we can talk to them about me and Lucy C are going puppet pals.  Puppet pals is an app on the I pads.  On puppet pals you can make or take your own characters and you can make a puppet show you can chose more characters or you can get some of Google. Puppet pals is a good app to use if you are doing a puppet show, if you have got an I pad you can get it. It is a free app    

I am a digital leader

On Friday I found out that I was a digital leader and I was so excited.  I still can’t get over it.  This was the moment to show-off my computer skills. I couldn’t believe it, I was really a digital leader.  Today we had our first study class after school it was a big moment for me. Mr Connor told us that we will be getting our own badges and on it Mr Connor was going to write what we were good at and a teacher would ask us to help them or their class. As well as that we have our own digital leader  blog.  This is the link to the digital leader blog

I am a Digital Leader!

On Friday, I found out if I was a Digital Leader or not and I was. I still can not get over it because it was a big opportunity to show my knowledge on a computer. This is good news but there was bad news for a couple of people like my friend Maria, she did not get it so Maria you might get it next time. Thank you for reading this!