Temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward; the crumbling engen uncontrollably exploded into life. I am helplessly thrown. I’m stuck into oblivion the only thing I know is that I’m plummeting to earth.I could see earth getting closer and closer,I knew I wasn’t going to make it so I shut my eyes and hoped. Where am I am I dead or alive please tell me I’m alive.My eyes slowly fluttered open, I’m alive but at the moment I don’t no wheather it would be better not to be. I was so confused. As thoughts raced through my mind, I stood up and balanced my self. What is that gloomy figure over in the distant.  I moved closer and closer and suddenly I knew what it was.

I can’t get away from this place. Where should I go? All of the negative feelings i’ve ever had come racing back.. What shall I do and where am I? I see a golden colour shimmer in the corner of my eye. Could it be? It is the idol i’ve been dreaming about! The idol that will make my life change stood in front of me. I grabbed it but nudged a statue of a monkey, it came alive! Running for my life. How much does this really mean to me? Running and running still no ending, will I live?

Where am i? The sounds echoed around this mythical place. I started to walk until i saw something. “Whos there” i shouted all i heard was my echo shared around this vast piece of land. Then i thought i heard somethings following me. Then i looked at my hand and there was a symbol, a symbol of a face. “What is it” i asked my self. Then i saw a light glowing like fireflies so i thought i could take shelter there. I started to walk to it and see what it is. It was like a  made palace made out of gold justin the corners of my eye i spied something. My heart pounded as i made my way to the unknown building. I climbed to the temple door.

suddenly, they caught up with me and I lost it.I have no idea where to go.What should I do next? I ran as fast as a bullet shooting .I was jumping and ducking my feet were on fire.They were so so hot I  thought they are so so fast.I felt like I’m going to fall off .I started to calm down.I was scared.

Earth veered from under my feet, showering the portentous pool’s below. Suddenly, I felt a strange swaying motion rocking me back and forth. I’m falling! Is this the end of me? I was hoping to stay alive, one moment I thought it. My mind was rushing through thoughts. “Help!” I want to cry out but there is only one person who can save me, who is me. Why did I steal the idol?  Now I have this scary fear in my heart, I couldn’t barely move a muscle. Greed filled my mind. So does sweat. I saw safety with a quick glance. With a sigh of relief, I bumped into the pilot. Happily, we made a raft. I wonder if we’ll ever escape?



100WC by Michaella and Emil

I was walking through the park today, suddenly the bird swooped down and stole my food, leaving a cut on my hand. I couldn’t believe it, it came out of nowhere! I’ve walked through that park a million times and nothing like that happened to me. The cut on my hand was shaped like an arrow, blood bursting out of it.

Later that day, while watching the news, surprisingly I saw the bird which had been in the park. The news reporter announced to beware of the bird from Australia traveling to Britain. I thought to myself I wish I had known about this before!

Emil 100wc

It was a calm and sunny day. I went bowling with my friends at the bowling centre even though I had a bad arm. I tried to show that I was the best. I took the shiny ball full of weight and threw it with all my might.“Ouch”! Suddenly the pain in my arm got worse. I felt like rock falling off a cliff. I was really dizzy. My head started to spin. I could here my friends laughing at me. I couldn’t stand the pain.

Later, I found myself in a hospital. My friends had helped me. “Thank You”. I was feeling well now.


My Holiday

On my holiday I went to my cousins house in Gloucester. My other cousin from Bristol also came over and another one from Gloucester. I played on my cousins Wii and we gave them easter eggs. We all ate our easter eggs together on Easter Sunday. I stayed at my other cousins house in Gloucester the day after we came. We played football and cricket there. It was so fun. Then on Monday I left.


“Oh no! I’m lost”, David cried. All he had left was Leon his toy lion. He felt more happy because there was bright sunshine and the trees were bright green. He could see the slimy frogs. This was a new place to discover. There were planes in the fluffy clouds. Happily the deers chewed on they’re lovely grass. He talked to Leon to see if he had ideas to find his family. Sadly David sat down on the soggy stones. At least he found out about the nature in the world. Then in the sky a rescue helicopter came to save him.  “Yeah Im saved”!

My Holiday

On my holiday my cousin from Manchester came over. His name is Chris and he has a older sister and a mum and dad. We had lots of fun. They came on Friday but they went on Saturday because they’re half term holiday was the week before ours. We played on my psp. We played cricket and football in my garden. All of us had to go shopping. But me, Chris, my little brother and my dad stayed to go last but because we didn’t want to go my dad let us stay. We played the play station the next day. We were the second one’s to wake-up. In the afternoon they left.


As usual I went to the shop to buy my cereal. Some times I buy cereals with toys in for my little brother. Today I didn’t want to. When I went home I poured in the cereal. A weird and hard bit of cereal went into my mouth. It didn’t feel like cereal instead it was a small toy Dinosaur when I got it out of my mouth. They didn’t mention that on the packet. When it came out of my mouth my mum washed it and gave it to my brother. Mum told the shopkeeper so they sorted it out.


Hi, my name is Emil.I am 10 years old.My birthday is on 15th January 2003.My dad’s name is Ruby and mum’s name is Binju.I have a little sister called Fiona aged 6 and llittle brother called Aiden aged 4.My hobbie is doing sports and my favourite sports is cricket.My favourite lesson in school is Maths and P.E.My favourite colour is purple and like leopards.

slow writing

Quickly, I ran away from the howling foxes. It felt like I was trapped in a huge circle going round and round. Was I going to be the one to get trapped in here? I kept walking past the same trees. It felt like a thousand bullets went through me! Time past as I tryed to figure a way out.