Temple Run

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward;the crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life.The helicopter crashed into a million pieces of metal and glass.A instant prick touched my finger;tingles went down the back of my spine.Where is he?Horrible thoughts clouded my mind as I thought the unthinkable.Am I going to make it ?I closed my eyes and hoped.I saw something but I didn’t know what it was..I glanced at the helicopter, the pilot was gone!I looked around desperate for him, for someone,for anyone. I didn’t care if it was a stranger as long as they help me. I’m alone,hungry,thirsty and need help.I someone, anyone.I stood up and was dazzled by what I saw.

Where am I? I slowly turned my head and saw this weird place. I realised where I was in a rainforest. Shadows lurked in every corner. I thought I was going to get killed.  Just then there was a loud noise, it echoed through the forest. Who is there? What is there? What is going on? Is it a tribe or an animal? I didn’t want to find out. I heard the same echo again. What should I do? I asked my self.

I can’t get away from this place .All I can think about is the money the fame.I got closer to it step by step finally I touched it. As I grabbed it I could hear funny noises in the distance. I couldn’t get away. My imagination came to life. is this the end for me? It was all I can think about is death Thoughts raced around my head. Will I die or live? Zooming out of the door and onto the ancient path pathway. Shall I keep going? Homuch does this mean to me? Am I going to survive? I must I won’t give upSuddenly they caught up with me and i lost it. I thought could this be the end the. Suddenly they spoted me so i started sprinting.My hard was aching. I felt i was going to collapse. I want to live but can i? If i run faster will i lose them? I don’t know what to to do. Maybe i should  hide my self. I am scared. I dont no what to do. i was running really fast and i was tied. I was feeling guilty of stealing. It least i’ll be rich.

Earth veered from underneath my feet showering the portentous pools below.I fell down like a rock.Was it an earthquake?Bleak water engulfed.The water covered me,I thought I wouldn`t  make to the next island.The water felt like it had turned into ice, but I was determined to make it.This was all up to me.I swam to safety where  I bumped into the  pilot.”What should we do?” I asked.He remained silent.I swam as fast as I could Then I saw sharks swimming in circles, waiting for the next victim! I wanted to runaway!! or is it to late?! Would this be the end of me??? I close my eyes and waited… For hope that I will live to see  LIGHT.

The Quest from St. Joseph's Primary on Vimeo.

Temple Run

How long left?Staring at the skies, with a puffy clouds and a bright coloured golden star, he wondered how his mum was doing.Suddenly, the plane struck down like a dead bird, he passed out.Awake and alive.As his eyes adjusted, he realised the pilot had gone so he searched for him immediately.


As the night fell, he gently lay his hands on his one and only friend.He started to play a tune with his friend.His thoughts took him back to were it all started.

A cold chill shivered down his spine;the hairs on the back of his neck stood up as a recent memory came back to him.Gently he felt a cold figure touched his face like a winter breeze.The breeze passed by and drifted away,he felt alone again.


A fat boy was eating a lovely sandwich and suddenly a bird swooped down and took it away.He couldn’t even get off the bench.Unusually  he split his trousers he still couldn’t lift himself up. Under the shooting stars he made a wish to get up one day.After a long afternoon he eventually got up but his sandwich was missing he could not run so he bounced on his flab.The bird dropped it but the boy didn’t know. Suddenly he noticed he had squashed his sandwich. The bird had pooed on it but he still eat it.


Today I took my 3 week old cousin, Seth, on a walk.I was so excited because it was the first time I have ever took him on a walk.I had to take turns with my cousin and my sister,Chiara to push it but my Auntie had to push him across the road then when we got back to my Aunties we all got to hold him.I also moved some bricks for her because when we got back some bricks got delivered also my two cousins helped, my sister and my brother did too.my brother got six at a time my little cousin one at a time, me, my sister an my cousin carried two or three at a time.I had to help my little cousin lift them up and put them down.

My new family arrival

My auntie has just had her fist baby called Seth.He has brownish coloured hair and not very dark skinned.He weighs 8 pounds 9 and he is so cute to.He was born today at 1:57am and my auntie looked well after she had him by caesarian.My new baby cousin!My birthday is soon and he might come on my birthday!

Maths Challenge!

A couple of weeks ago in maths we swapped classes because the year 6‘s  were practising for their SAT’s week and this is what me and Ciara did.We had to do this by making eight down and eight across with these dominoes.It was really challenging to do.Here is a picture:


My Poem About Bradley

I’m master Chalkers , a boy who doesn’t lose,

I’m the pro of bullies, of which I didn’t choose,

Carla is my role model ,who pulled me out of hell,

At first I didn’t like her so I told her she did smell,

Carla is a dove who fell out of the sky,

Life without her’s empty, I’d rather die.


School is just a waste of time for me,

I hate it, it’s somewhere I don’t want to be,

I hate the kids, I hate the staff especially the teachers,

Talking about me saying I’m all kind of creatures,

As Jeff’s gang swirls around me with a smurk,

Laughing like hyenas, they called me a fat jerk,

All of them,the bullies, called me coy,

But after all I’m only a little, lonely, fat boy.


I went outside for lunch and suddenly a big shadowy figure appeared behind me.As it got taller and taller i turned around and dropped my books. It was the meanest gang in school called 4gang, i shouted for help but they just covered my mouth with their hand. I was hopeless by myself.As one of them grabbed my jumper, i covered my face with my arm. As they prepared to punch me i closed my eyes punch, suddenly the pain in my arm shattered. I looked up as they said hey up my duck, putting their arm around my neck.Best friends forever buddy.


My holiday

I had a wonderful holiday, the first week of the holidays was great.I went to my Grandma’s and Grandad’s house and I also saw my Auntie at my Grandma’s house she showed me my new baby cousin’s car seat.There is only 1 week and 2 or 3 days ’till he is due to be born my family are so we are excited.On the second week it was just as fun.First I went to my friend, Mollie’s party.I also went to town, to roller world helping my friends little sister skate because it was her first time and went to my friends, Annabel’s house on Thursday afternoon.After on on Thursday night my Pappa(Father) and my brother went with him.My cousin had her first sleepover at my Grandma’s.The day after I went swimming then went to my auntie’s and went for a sleepover and went to bed and asleep at around midnight and then woke up at 10 to 11 am. Then on Sunday I prepared to get ready for school.That was my holiday. I really enjoyed it.

My Best friend poems

Maria is my best friend,

As friends should always be,

When I am ever upset,

She comes to comfort me.


My best friend is Maria,

Artistic, clever and funny,

Really caring and looks out for me,

In times of need, she is always there,

And there is no one quite like her.

Best friends forever.

My Sunday

Today I am going to look after my 5 year old cousin, Gabriella. Also my Auntie Sarah who is nearly 8 months pregnant with my new baby boy cousin is coming round to visit for a bit.My cousin is coming is because my other cousins are having a gymnastics competition it goes on for a long time and my auntie can not expect her to sit for that long so she is coming here instead.