World Book Day

On world book day we created a fact file about the books we like and why we like reading books.We allso created a harlem shake it started with just Luke on his own dancing for 15 seconds.We were reading and ignoring Luke.We cut the camera and Mr Connor got us all to dance.That afternoon we created a flag based on reading,we also let the year 2’s in to our classroom.

100 Word Challenge

One morning, as I woke, as usual I set up the bath to wash for the day.As I was about to get in the bath I saw a mysterious orange cat that sat in the bath and separated all the bubbles in the bath.He created more bubbles.It stunk loads.In shock, I shot out of the room hoping that the mysterious orange cat would get out but then I thought there was no point in doing that because the water was already brown so what was the point in doing it over again because I had to get to school.

Why I Should Have My Own Blog

Dear Mr Connor,

Firstly, I will update it every night and it will help me share even more of my work and what I have achieved at school or any work that I have done at home.It will also give me a chance to spread what I have learnt about the outside world.It will help to improve on my work in many different ways because of peoples comments.

I would post more than once a day and it would give me more of a chance to use flikr and on my own blog I could be as creative as I want I would be able to tell the whole world what I have done every day at school or out of school.


My 500 Word Challenge-The Trapped Kittens

One day,when the sun was shining, I was in my log garage and I heard meows and suddenly fear painted my face. I called for help,no one would come.So I went inside and shouted  “Mum, Dad, Mark and Ciara HELP NOW I have heard kittens meowing help me get them out!”I waited for them to come out but no one came.Suddenly I saw a shadow on my back,as it got colder I knew it was my family and I said to them“Thank you for coming now lets get those cats out shall we?”

“Where abouts can you hear them?The men can open the garage and get them out!”

While the boys were doing that me and my mum went shop for lunch.When we came back my dad said”Who left this cloth on the  table outside? take it inside now!”

I could see something as going on so I stayed outside and my sister was about to take it in but then she saw kittens in amazement.They looked awfully small.So me, my mum and Ciara went to the shop to get powder for kittens but they only had puppies powder.The shop owner said, ‘you can also use it on kittens’,the shop owner had kittens herself so she knew what was ok for them to drink or eat and what was not ok for them.Whilst we were at the shop we also bought cat feeding bottles so when we got home we could feed them with those bottles.When we got home we fed them they were scrabbling and gulping the milk that we made from the powder down.They looked very cute and we had one kitten each but we shared two as a family.Then a few weeks later we decided to give them names there were three girls and three boys.The girls names were Milly Molly and Lucy-Lu and the boys were Buster Jim-Bob and Josh they were all the colours black and white two were just black.After a few weeks  they had grown a bit more and they weighed then and all together they weighed 1 and a half stone.Me and my family thought wow they weigh much more than they use to.

Suddenly,one day, Molly would not eat or drink as now they can eat soft kitten biscuits.One day as I woke up a miracle happened Molly started eating again but the problem was she still had diarrhoea but at least we knew she was ok and we did not have to worry about her my little cutie pie.After a few weeks they had all grown and they all had fattened up really fast and now they weighed nearly 3 stone and we were all impressed about how fat they were and surprisingly Molly weighed the most then it was Milly then it was Lucy-Lu and for the boys it was Buster Jim-Bob and then Josh.

My Cats First Step Outside!

The other day my cats Sienna and Mo had their first steps outside. Sienna did not like it at all because it was cold,but Mo ,wow, he was running all over the place, chasing his tail and getting muddy so me and my sister had to shower his feet. Sienna was meowing at the door and it was like she was saying “let me in let me in it is cold out here.” I felt sorry for he so I let her in. Mo was down the garden so we had to get him.

My New Baby Cousin

On Thursday my Auntie in Italy gave birth to my new baby cousin called Davide, he weighed 3.1/2 KG he was born at night!I have only seen one picture of him!I do not know allot about him but I can not wait to see him in the  summer holidays!As soon as I get a picture I will put it on!

Maths puzzles

This maths challenge was by me (Chiara),Annabel.M,Francesca and Maria.

Our challenge was to use the numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 in that order. We could add, subtract, multiply or divide and we had to find a way to make 464.

We had to do lost of different ways but then I came up with this way and we thought that it was very easy and my family and maria’s family and them both could not work it out.


We did itlike this: 10×9=90+8+7+6+5=116 x4=464 -3 +2+1=464

This was very easy and we hope we can do it again.