My friend came round

On Saturday my friend Jelita came round to m house. When she came we played a game.  Jelita really likes my 2 year old brother so we all played with my brother.  Jelita had lunch with me.  5,6 minutes after us two went to the park with my little sister.  When e got to the park we saw that her brother was following us.  In the park we played on the roundabout and me nd Jelita had a race because we both took our bikes.  After that her dad told us that she needed to go back home so I went home with her to her house.  At her house she has a trampoline  so we junped on the trampoline.   Then we decorated a little round thing in her garden.  

what I did in my holidays

On friday 15th febuary my Mum recieved a text message saying would I like to go to my friend Sammys  10th birthday party,on saturday the 16th.I had great fun because we played a game on his playstation.After that we went to the park and played football we had great fun.Then we played tag aswell.

We all went back to Sammys house and had party food, ending up with a big slice of birthday cake.Three hours later at 6oclock we went to my Mum and Dads friends  Martin and Denice and my friend bradley’s house,for the night we had lots of fun playing lego mario brothers ,mariokarts ending up by having more food pizza and curly fries ,it was a very late night I was worn out that weekend was a great one .                                                                                                                                                           

Now Iam looking forward to staying at my Granny and Grandads to have a sleepover  and do some baking.