All About Me

My name is Annabel M and I am 9 years old.My birthday is May the 15th . I love animals.I have three guinea-pigs called Primrose ,Vera and Georgie . Primrose is my sisters Vera is mine and Georgie is my brothers.Primrose is black with some brown spots and she is really silky Vera is brown with a white beard and really fluffy and Georgie is all guinea-pig coulers and she is spikey. .Our guinea-pigs are only 5 months old! We also have 2 fish . My favourite subject’s at school are art P.E and I.C.T . Out of school I have 1 hobby and that is gymnastics.I do 4 and a half hours a week at mickleover gymnastics club.My favourite food is Sunday roast and my favourite desert is rhubarb and apple crumble with custard . This year my family are going to Turkey for a week in August and we are staying in a hotel near the beach with a water park and all inclusive . I can not wait.