The Hobbit

The Hobbit is a brilliant story about a Hobbit, called Bilbo, living peacfully until Gandalf and his crew arrive at his Hobbit-hole. They are on an adventure to steal their used-to-be treasure from Smaug the Magnificent, a very dangerous dragon. But after some unfortunate events, and the magic ring, will they do it?


I reccommend this book to ages 9-11

Hobbit with my Dad

This christmas I went to watch the Hobbit which was surprisingly 3 hours long!The screen brightened the pitch black room. I really was astonished because its the first time my Dads stayed awake for the hole film. In my opinion I think the film is better than the book because the film helped you understand the storyline. I’m still reading the book though and I might change my mind. One of my best films. Age rate:Its got some gory bits so about 7+.

The Hobbit

This christmas me and my family went to see the hobbit. I would tell you my favourite bit of the story but then I would ruin it for you. I must say if you don’t like a tiny bit of fighting then you shouldn’t watch it.Trust me it is really good! Hope you can go to the cinema and watch the trailers.