The nightmare

It was a fine cold afternoon a person called jim was resting after his job.He went to sleep unknown what meybe happen to him. Suddnly he herd a creek at first he thoght that might be a tree but it became loghder so he went do. Check it out he thoght somthing wered was gowing on jim opened the door… people  says that in the afternoon a invisable man comes  and killes the persone a sacrefuisess the human to the godes and never seen.

Bradly Chalkers diary (the change)



Lets just get one thing straight…… my mum forced me to write this diary when I specifically told her that I wanted journal . But really, I only wanted it  to scribble in it because of the fact that I had nothing to scribble on and Mrs Ebbel kept spotting me scribble on my desk. The main reason is that, what if one of the girls see holding my diary.   Coleen, Miranda but worst of all Loud mouth Lori- she can tell the whole school!

Tuesday (Morning)

The first thing I hear every morning is things like ” you sleep like a pig” or ” stop snoring Bradly! ” . It’s kinda funny in a way because if you look at their faces you would think that there going mad or something.

Because I am Bradly Chalkers I MUST take a shower occasionally, I recon about once a month???. This is when it comes to “pretending” .( Its basically lying).


 Your probably asking why does Bradly lie to every one except his cute and cuddly toys that does not do ANYTHING. well good question the answer is obviously because I am the one and only Bradly Chalkers the bully. Until I met Carla…………

My Holiday

On my holiday I went to my cousins house in Gloucester. My other cousin from Bristol also came over and another one from Gloucester. I played on my cousins Wii and we gave them easter eggs. We all ate our easter eggs together on Easter Sunday. I stayed at my other cousins house in Gloucester the day after we came. We played football and cricket there. It was so fun. Then on Monday I left.

Lost in a cave!

Heart pounding                                                                                                                        Body shivering

Stomach rumbling

Mind blowing

Footsteps ecoing

Eyesight going

Getting scared

Going mad

Missing teddy




slow writing challenge

It was a gloomy day. I went to the lighthouse to se if a bout was stuck in the sea just then I heared a sking nouse it was getting closer and closer but I thinked what could it be a peanguen. My hands shiverd as it is getting closer I looked to the wal land saw a big shadow in front of me.I know there was somthing behind me. Then at that moment I had a flash back when I was little I saw the same shado as that exact moment I tryed to look be hined me but then…

The reason I should have my own blog

Dear Mr Connor,

The reason I should have my own blog is because I am very responsible and I would use it for sharing things that I have done over my life, share things all about me, share what I want to do in life. I would probably use it daily and if I was away from home I also would try and use it. Every time I go to blogging club I would add new things about what i’m going to do over the weekend. Also about what we are going to do in P.E. It would be very helpful because it would help me to not use my ipod touch as much. Using a blog daily would give me the confidence I need to make my writing better.

yours faithfully,Mollie’s

My Holiday

On my holiday my cousin from Manchester came over. His name is Chris and he has a older sister and a mum and dad. We had lots of fun. They came on Friday but they went on Saturday because they’re half term holiday was the week before ours. We played on my psp. We played cricket and football in my garden. All of us had to go shopping. But me, Chris, my little brother and my dad stayed to go last but because we didn’t want to go my dad let us stay. We played the play station the next day. We were the second one’s to wake-up. In the afternoon they left.


As usual I went to the shop to buy my cereal. Some times I buy cereals with toys in for my little brother. Today I didn’t want to. When I went home I poured in the cereal. A weird and hard bit of cereal went into my mouth. It didn’t feel like cereal instead it was a small toy Dinosaur when I got it out of my mouth. They didn’t mention that on the packet. When it came out of my mouth my mum washed it and gave it to my brother. Mum told the shopkeeper so they sorted it out.


It was a day at the beach and I was sitting by the shore, enjoying myself. There were ; shimmering waves, , crabs , and sea shells scatted on the ground. I looked at the nearby shops and I wanted to see whats in there. I felt like eating ice cream on a hot day. Soon my dad walked towards me, telling me the dangers in the shops.

” how dangerous could it be?” I stepped one step at a time thinking about what he said. Hours later I made my desision. I wanted to buy it.

“It didnt mention this on the packet!” I said while tornado’s surrounded me.

Why I Should Have My Own Blog

Dear Mr Connor,

Firstly, I will update it every night and it will help me share even more of my work and what I have achieved at school or any work that I have done at home.It will also give me a chance to spread what I have learnt about the outside world.It will help to improve on my work in many different ways because of peoples comments.

I would post more than once a day and it would give me more of a chance to use flikr and on my own blog I could be as creative as I want I would be able to tell the whole world what I have done every day at school or out of school.


To have my own blog


Mr connor

I think I should have my own blog because I am getting a laptop so I will be updating more and more stuff every day.Also I am very in to being a blog owner because I think this job is fit for me and it would be nice to see peoples comments and publish.If I do get the job I would be very proud to set it up. I think it would be good to show off my work to the whole wide world.

thank you for reading.


slow writing

It wus snowing I did not know what to do .It wus really chilly outside the ice wus slippy like a snails gew.I could not belif my eyes it wus happy until the snow had tern into ice. It wusent fun because you could make snow men then the joy came back on Theresday. it wus like a dream come true.


Slow Writing Challenge- Molly

I looked ahead at the snowy, towering hill I was on, with lots of happy people on it. This was it. It was the first time I’d slegded, I was very nervous. The snow, as white as a sheet, seemed like it was trying to trip me up on purpose. My mum and dad stood encouraging me. Bravely, I sat on it, and my dad gave me one big push and then, I was off.