Temple Run

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward;the crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life.The helicopter crashed into a million pieces of metal and glass.A instant prick touched my finger;tingles went down the back of my spine.Where is he?Horrible thoughts clouded my mind as I thought the unthinkable.Am I going to make it ?I closed my eyes and hoped.I saw something but I didn’t know what it was..I glanced at the helicopter, the pilot was gone!I looked around desperate for him, for someone,for anyone. I didn’t care if it was a stranger as long as they help me. I’m alone,hungry,thirsty and need help.I someone, anyone.I stood up and was dazzled by what I saw.

Where am I? I slowly turned my head and saw this weird place. I realised where I was in a rainforest. Shadows lurked in every corner. I thought I was going to get killed.  Just then there was a loud noise, it echoed through the forest. Who is there? What is there? What is going on? Is it a tribe or an animal? I didn’t want to find out. I heard the same echo again. What should I do? I asked my self.

I can’t get away from this place .All I can think about is the money the fame.I got closer to it step by step finally I touched it. As I grabbed it I could hear funny noises in the distance. I couldn’t get away. My imagination came to life. is this the end for me? It was all I can think about is death Thoughts raced around my head. Will I die or live? Zooming out of the door and onto the ancient path pathway. Shall I keep going? Homuch does this mean to me? Am I going to survive? I must I won’t give upSuddenly they caught up with me and i lost it. I thought could this be the end the. Suddenly they spoted me so i started sprinting.My hard was aching. I felt i was going to collapse. I want to live but can i? If i run faster will i lose them? I don’t know what to to do. Maybe i should  hide my self. I am scared. I dont no what to do. i was running really fast and i was tied. I was feeling guilty of stealing. It least i’ll be rich.

Earth veered from underneath my feet showering the portentous pools below.I fell down like a rock.Was it an earthquake?Bleak water engulfed.The water covered me,I thought I wouldn`t  make to the next island.The water felt like it had turned into ice, but I was determined to make it.This was all up to me.I swam to safety where  I bumped into the  pilot.”What should we do?” I asked.He remained silent.I swam as fast as I could Then I saw sharks swimming in circles, waiting for the next victim! I wanted to runaway!! or is it to late?! Would this be the end of me??? I close my eyes and waited… For hope that I will live to see  LIGHT.

The Quest from St. Joseph's Primary on Vimeo.

Slow writing – Javine

My running is to fast for these monkeys.They are behind me though,my heart is racing my and my mind is pondering, will I ever escape? My mind is racing my heart is pumping and I am running out of oxygen.As fast as a racing car I zoomed past the other monkeys.My legs rushing my arms flying,myself concentrated.Money is mine! A second later they have gone and I am wondering Will I ever pull through?!!! 

100 wc – Maria and Javine

Suddenly,I heard a sound.I have never heard it before. I thought this is  the end then I thought to myself sadly,maybe i’ll die peacefully,maybe even when momma and pappa will mourn for me! Ha,that will teach them for leaving me.SQAUCK!

“What`s that?”

Suddenly,The birds swooped down and… hit me on the head!  “OWWWWWWWWW!”I screamed, that hurt so bad blood was trickling down !I rushed to the nearest lake,my life is a mess I said, Momma and pappa are never coming back for me!They are staying in Hawii.They have got a house and  food.

Prison – 100wc

Death. The man charging towards me. Silence. Escape – no one can. The howls in the night are sad, pathetic and silly there is no point in crying.Prison is a horrible place. I am the only person on death row, the only woman.My family say I am a disgrace to there country, Italy. I have not seen them since my ex husband threatened to murder me if I did not get back with him.I   moved to run then … suddenly the pain in my arm… shattered through me. I picked up his knife, stabbed it through his heart. I am here that very night.


My story

Dear  Diary  
Today I was pondering and all of a sudden this “thing” was just there I was scared it was a human bomb!Now, I am no stupid Alien I am a quite smart Alien to be one of my kind.I looked at this creature not knowing what it is why it is here and if it is friendly I was just about to introduce myself when”my what a suprise a little alien I shall take you back to england to show that Aliens are alive”.The end.  

Before sunrise

Before sunrise

Chapter 1

It was before sunrise.The worst bit of the morning.They are coming. The clouds slowly drifted in the sky wandering on them. I tiptoed around my brothers uncertain of this new world. My dear candle has been whipped away  by a breath of air.She was the  prettiest candle I have mourned for.My burn is steaming slowly and silenty healing itself, taking away my  of not being there to help her.I sat on the roof thinking “Why is this happening?” “What am I doing?” “I should be with her!”

I hopped off the roof and went into the room which my brothers were messing about in “just pipe down please because I have just lost the love of my life”.They just stared at me I went and sat on a log and cried  with all my heart.My brothers just carried on playing not caring one bit.”I hate all of you I have lost the flame in my heart as well as the flame on the outside!”.”what do you mean?”asked my smallest brother I just ran off to the sunrise just opening up.I feel like I am torn in two. I am lifeless without her, the love of my life.


  Chapter 2


I just stood there thinking about her the flame,the fire whatever she is a still love her.I swiftly went to the candle wax where she is well,WAS I ran up and hug the candle wax not thinking.It brings back painful memories. I rushed off feeling deeply depressed. I could of been there for her I do not know what to do.My body does not work without her I can not swallow,drink or chew I am not complete without her.




To have my own blog


Mr connor

I think I should have my own blog because I am getting a laptop so I will be updating more and more stuff every day.Also I am very in to being a blog owner because I think this job is fit for me and it would be nice to see peoples comments and publish.If I do get the job I would be very proud to set it up. I think it would be good to show off my work to the whole wide world.

thank you for reading.


Great Fire of London: eyewitness accounts

On Friday we were refreshing our memories about the Great Fire of London – why, when, how and where it started, as well as exploring the reasons why it spread so quickly.

We worked in pairs to interview characters who were there on those fateful days in 1666. Some children wanted to be Samuel Pepys, others were Thomas Farriner, while there was some great role-playing and imagination from children who put themselves into the situation.

Can you guess who is who?


london eye poem

It takes you so high into to sky.

You feel like to step off the edge and fly.

Up up up then down down down in the london eye.

Eagle wings you look like up and round you go.

So your soaring through the sky looking out your eye.

quiet as can be shiver shiver up we go!


London poem


Look around see every glum and quiet no talking is required.

On a tube up and down no happy faces its all  upside down.

No not one conversation everybody sighs and sits in a slump.

Does it ever come to there mind to open up and speak?

On every rusty day the travel back to earn there pay.

No I do not think they can speak there mind has taken time.


Dragon’s Den #1

Last week, the children made their chocolates that they had been planning for quite some time!

Today, they began using their Literacy skills to plan a persuasive presentation   which will take place on Thursday. Using a speech, a poster and a slideshow, the children must convince the dragons (the teachers!) that their chocolate is the most unique.

Here are some early efforts; what do you think?


kojo,s story

chapter 1

“Have you ever killed anyone?” Those 5 words echoed like a bell over lapping each other.Pascal as always, ignored me. “Have you if you have why did you do?Who was it?”

“Shut up, you are a right pain. Have you killed anyone ? Have you killed anyone?” Pascal said over and over again.

“Stop being mean” I retorted, feeling hurt.

“well be quiet and go to sleep then!”pascal said very fed up.

“Well do not expect me to talk to you when you are crying in the night”.I silently slipped into bed then pascal spilled water on me “Oi what do you think your playing at” I shrieked.

“Shut up you will wake the pig up at this rate!”but then pascal burst out laughing. I changed for the second time and said “when I run away I am not taking you no way”.




my fab nephew Jaziah!

Last year my nephew was born he is very cute and tiny.He is also a big and chubby he is just learning to crawl. He dose not like anybody put their hands on his face! I love him to bits.Last week he come round to my house with a cold. I kissed him on the cheek and guess what? I caught his cold then I gave it to my mum. when I was recovering from it my mum gave it back to me! Now I have still got it! I love you zi zi.