Temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward; the crumbling engen uncontrollably exploded into life. I am helplessly thrown. I’m stuck into oblivion the only thing I know is that I’m plummeting to earth.I could see earth getting closer and closer,I knew I wasn’t going to make it so I shut my eyes and hoped. Where am I am I dead or alive please tell me I’m alive.My eyes slowly fluttered open, I’m alive but at the moment I don’t no wheather it would be better not to be. I was so confused. As thoughts raced through my mind, I stood up and balanced my self. What is that gloomy figure over in the distant.  I moved closer and closer and suddenly I knew what it was.

I can’t get away from this place. Where should I go? All of the negative feelings i’ve ever had come racing back.. What shall I do and where am I? I see a golden colour shimmer in the corner of my eye. Could it be? It is the idol i’ve been dreaming about! The idol that will make my life change stood in front of me. I grabbed it but nudged a statue of a monkey, it came alive! Running for my life. How much does this really mean to me? Running and running still no ending, will I live?

Where am i? The sounds echoed around this mythical place. I started to walk until i saw something. “Whos there” i shouted all i heard was my echo shared around this vast piece of land. Then i thought i heard somethings following me. Then i looked at my hand and there was a symbol, a symbol of a face. “What is it” i asked my self. Then i saw a light glowing like fireflies so i thought i could take shelter there. I started to walk to it and see what it is. It was like a  made palace made out of gold justin the corners of my eye i spied something. My heart pounded as i made my way to the unknown building. I climbed to the temple door.

suddenly, they caught up with me and I lost it.I have no idea where to go.What should I do next? I ran as fast as a bullet shooting .I was jumping and ducking my feet were on fire.They were so so hot I  thought they are so so fast.I felt like I’m going to fall off .I started to calm down.I was scared.

Earth veered from under my feet, showering the portentous pool’s below. Suddenly, I felt a strange swaying motion rocking me back and forth. I’m falling! Is this the end of me? I was hoping to stay alive, one moment I thought it. My mind was rushing through thoughts. “Help!” I want to cry out but there is only one person who can save me, who is me. Why did I steal the idol?  Now I have this scary fear in my heart, I couldn’t barely move a muscle. Greed filled my mind. So does sweat. I saw safety with a quick glance. With a sigh of relief, I bumped into the pilot. Happily, we made a raft. I wonder if we’ll ever escape?



Our 100 Word Challenge

After a stressful flight, Bob and Dave stared at each other and then went to the theme park. Bob decided to have a hotdog. He was worried because there was to many birds and he was thinking if they might take it. It happened! Suddenly the birds swooped down and pooped on Daves head. They had to go home but they couldn’t there home was on the other side on the country (spain) and right now they were in Disneyland Paris. Bob and Dave fell over there flab and got pooped on a lot again and then a hunter came and shot all the birds… 

This is the 100wc that me and Joe D did. Please leave a comment.

My Half Term – Trip to Twycross Zoo

This half term I went to the zoo with my dad, we saw lots of different animals and lots of new ones that we have not seen before. This is the penguin Parade it was quiet boring cause it was just Penguins following a man with a fish.
CIMG1016” alt=”Penquin Walk Parade” />

These are called Bush Dogs. Even though they look like small bares  they are still Dogs but they can take down an animal almost    twice as big as them self.

CIMG1012” alt=”” />

These are the Flamingoes these birds can fly but the zoo keepers snipped of the long feathers so they don’t fly away cause they wont survive properly.

CIMG0995” alt=”Famingoes” />

These are the Meercat they are small with black beady eyes and a black nose that always twitches as it smells.

CIMG0988” alt=”Meercat” />

I forgot what these are called but they are small live on flat land an build their houses in the shape of a volcano. If you can leave the name of it in a comment  it is called something Dog.

CIMG0985” alt=”” />

This animal is called a Coatie they share the same exhibit as the Bush Dogs they have long claws that makes them good at climbing.

CIMG1007” alt=”” />

You can find out more about the zoo and all the different animals by clicking on to this link Twycross Zoo

London – Kew Gardens

Last summer I went to London with my mum, my brother Fin and my aunt Geraldine. We stayed in a hotel for 2 days near Kew gardens

It was really good and we got to see all around London as well as all around Kew.

I really enjoyed it at Kew there was lots to see and do I liked climbing the trees and seeing all the different plants and flowers.

They have really weird and strange flowers and cacti at Kew and things that don’t grow any where else in this country.

P1070085” alt=”Princess Diana Memorial Hot House – Cacti” />

This Picture was in the Princess Diana Memorial Hot House, They had some tanks with different tropical fish, and animals in as well.

They have a water tray outside the Hot House and There were Mud Puppies in it that I tried to catch. They are a bit like a small fish and a bit like newts.


We went for a walk in the tree canopy it is a big tall bridge that goes around the trees and you can see all around Kew and look at all the trees

This is another green house we are about 30 feet up and all these plants are really big like in a real rain forest.


In the Evening we walked around London seeing all the sites like Trafalgar square, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace

P1070186” alt=”Big Ben” />

P1070192” alt=”Buckingham Palace” />

This is a Guard along the way to the Palace

P1070185” alt=”” />

The next day we went to the Natural History Museum, it is full of animals and things about the natural world, like plants and trees and how things have changed.

These are some of the things we saw

P1070208” alt=”Whale – National History/Science Museum” />

P1070210” alt=”National science museum” />

P1070209” alt=”” />

P1070197” alt=”” />

This is an escalator that goes up into the earth, and then they have a shop set up so that you can feel a earth quake and everything moves and shakes around you

P1070201” alt=”” />

I really enjoyed my trip to London and I want to go and stay again there is lots to do and see.

My favourite place I went to was Kew Garden because they had lots to do and you can run around and climb trees and see all the animals and birds, it was a lot better then the museum because all the animals were dead there apart from some ants that were giant leave cutting ants, they were really good and you could see them in their nest.

I liked St. James park and Hyde Park they were good to.

Bradley’s Diary.

Dear Diary,
Today at school I had to see the new school counsiler Carla Davies I really like her and I think she likes me.I was horrible to her encase she would tell other staff that I like her, she said she wouldn’t  Even though I called her ugly she’s still nice to me but I didn’t mean it.

My Trip to the Cinema

My mum was working so my cousin took me and my brother to the cinema to see Jack the giant slayer.

It was really good, my favourite bit was when the giant came underneath the castle and Jack and the princess had to kill him.

The bits that are funny are when the soldiers are talking and one turns around and see the giants, then he faints.

I would recommend going to see this film Jack and Giant slayer trailer



Spike becomes 2 years old

I have blogged about my bearded dragon Spike before but I wanted to update on his growth and ageing.

Before they are 2 years old bearded dragons can not see and recognise water so we have had to make sure Spike has food that has water in it, like cucumber, grapes and salad leaves.

But the other day Spike who is around  2 years old had for the first time a drink of water, so it is a really important change in his growth and ageing.

G I Joe Film

Over the holidays I have also been to see G I Joe film.

This film was really good and it had lots of action in it.

I went with my mum and my cousin.

I really enjoyed the fighting and watching all the back flips and movements that the martial art and stunt men did, I can do some of them and have been practising my back flips.

The rock is really good in the film and my mum and cousin were laughing because Bruce Willis is in the film and my dad looks like him, but only because he has no hair.

I would recommend going to see this film it is really good G I Joe trailer

My Holiday

This half term I am going on holiday with my mum, my grandma, my aunt, my uncle and my 2 cousins.
My dad and my brother Fin are not coming because he goes to a different school and his half term is not for another week (HA HA) but he has 2 weeks off – which is not fair.
We are going on holiday to a place in Yorkshire called Fountains Abbey, and we are staying in a National Trust Cottage. We have stayed in lots of these cottages and they are really good, we have stayed in one that was a castle, a lighthouse and lots that have been right next to beaches and really good places.
At the cottage were staying in is a world heritage site, a 12th century Cisterican Abbey, a monastic watermill, an Elizabethan mansion and a Georgian water garden.
We are staying at a cottage called Curlew and it is a converted 18th century farm building, and is about a mile from Fountains Abbey.

I don’t really know anything about what the things that are at Fountains Abbey but when I am there I will find out lots and will blog about it with lots of photo’s and maybe a video.

if you want you can have a look on the national trust web site
This site tells you about lots of places to see and visit they have lots of activities to do in the holidays and places to go
You can also have a look at the cottage where I am staying this is on a different web site for national trust cottages. It has lots more pictures and things about the cottage.

Hope you like it

Great Fire of London: eyewitness accounts

On Friday we were refreshing our memories about the Great Fire of London – why, when, how and where it started, as well as exploring the reasons why it spread so quickly.

We worked in pairs to interview characters who were there on those fateful days in 1666. Some children wanted to be Samuel Pepys, others were Thomas Farriner, while there was some great role-playing and imagination from children who put themselves into the situation.

Can you guess who is who?



Hi my name is Joe. I am 9 years old.

My birthday is 22nd of may 2003

My hobbies are daring stunts, football, and trampolining

My favourite animals are Wolfs and Leopards.

My pets are Spike the Bearded Dragon and Nibbles and Chewy the 2 Russian Drawf Hamsters with some fish.

Ive got 2 brothers a mum and a dad my brother Fin is13 years old and my other brother Jack whos 20 years old but now Jacks in Pipi islands in Thailand.

My favourite fruit is raspberrys and normal food is fish.

My Christmas Chocolate making

We have been looking at chocolate for our topic work so for our class party I had to bring some sweets to share so I asked my mum if we could make some.

With my mum we made some reindeer lollypops with chocolate and strawberry laces for antlers. my mum put the chocolate on the sticks and then I decorated them to make the faces.

chocolate treats 2“>

chocolate treats3“>

I think they look really cool.

Next we melted some more chocolate and then I put the chocolate in to some Christmas chocolate moulds.


We had reindeer moulds and christmas puddings and penquin moulds

chocolate treats (3)“>

here is a picture of the finished chocolates, I cant wait to eat them at the party

chocolate treats (1)“>

Hope everyone likes them.

My pet hamsters

As an early christmas present ive got 2 russian dwarf hamsters. Here is a image of one we called nibbles because the other did not come out.
my hampster (1)
Here is a picture of their cage it has no bars so they can not escape!

my hampster (3)“>
I have put some wood shavings in the cage and then some tissue paper for them to sleep on and some card board tubes for them to play with.

They have been fighting with each other because they have a new home. I have had them for just 3 days and so have had to leave them to settle down they have bit me a few times already but they are just playing.

I will update you with any news as they settle in to their new home


Joe’s bearded dragon Spike

This is what he looks like


He likes to eat crickets, locusts, meal worms and as a treat Morio worms. He can only have the worms some times because they are like cream cakes for us and will make him fat! Spike likes eating lettuce and grapes and cucumber as well.

He lives in a special tank with lots of heat and a special light that he likes to sit under and bask. When I feed him I have to hide the cup untill I am ready to let the crickets go , Spike will jump out and try to get them before they are in his tank, it makes my mum scream when the crickets get out and it’s really funny.

Find out more about bearded dragons by visiting this link. You can also take a look at this video clip of a beaded dragon trying to eat a grape it is very funny.

Our prayer

God has not created me for nothing

I have my mission

He makes me strong when I am weak,

He gives me trust everyday,

When I am alone he comforts me,

He gives me joy when I  am sad,

He gives me hope

By Poppy and Joe.