100 WC

I wasn’t in schooI. I Just can’t believe that my mum mentioned that I  ate slugs and snails. I was in the newspaper for that! I was like the unluckiest kid in school. Well really it all started when  I walked to the pool of luck.There was a tradition that you have to pee in the pool of luck. People looked at me when I was about to pee. I couldn’t hold it that I have to pee in the ladies toilet! I ate pie after. It was half finished. I was about to bite it but a bird swooped down and ate grabbed my pie…



Ipads are a apple product. Ipads are so cool nealy every one I know have a Ipad my Favorited apps on the Ipad is score,head soccer and bike race free.There’s two types of Ipads an normal Ipad and a Ipad mini.


100 WC Joe W



I was in agony as the bullet hit my arm.Suddenly the pain in my arm got worse and worse I thought I wasn’t going to make it then the paramedic’s came and the guy who shot me had disappeared.As I got into to the hospetal bed the

pain had go worse they rushed me straight to theatre to do surgery on my arm.They made it even worse my arm was numb the split it open so the could see the wounds.When they’ve had done the put me back into my bed but I couldn’t make it.I died of a painful death!


Bradley’s Diary

Bradley’s Diary


Dear diary,

I went to see the guidance counselor today her name was Carla Davis.She was so pretty but I said she was ugly so I could keep my reputation.I bet Carla is broken hearted because I said that but I’m not going to say sorry.Carla gave me a piece of paper so I could draw on it so I drew the night sky

What I’ve done in my holidays so far

Firstly I went to Derby County vs Bristol City.  Derby won 3-0 it was an amazing game because Jamie Ward scored.

Secondly I went to Kedleston Hall. When I first saw it, it looked like Buckingham Palace. When I went inside the hall the staff were doing a Easter chick hunt around the hall and I joined in. The first room I saw took my breath a way.

Then I went to see Derby vs Ipswich where Derby lost 1-0.

On Sunday the 7th of April I played a football match vs Belper.  We lost 1-0 but they scored from a free kick that the ref said was our free kick.

And yesterday I went to Elvaston Castle with my cousin Grace, it was such fun because I went on a walk.

why I would like my own blog

I would like my own blog because I would try to update every night and I will blog more often. It world be a really great opportunity to share my work around the world and through out my family and friends.For example today my football team lost 3-1 against alvostion  boys. I scored from about the half way line but it was a really lucky  goal.After the match I got man of the match.This is why I want my own blog.