100 WC

Why did I join what went threw my head when I said yes? The General shouted “COME ON WE CAN END THIS NOW! My mind went blank all I heard was gunshot. Suddenly the pain in my arm grew stronger I was shot. With my head held high, I shot a bullet. I heard someone scream an enemy and then my friend said good shot. I did it I killed someone I collapsed to my I didn’t realize what I did. I dropped my gun and ran I thought I would run forever but I suddenly stopped.

The day I went to the moon

While exploring I  went into my attic and there was a cage as big as four elephants. It was as dark as the midnight sky, there was something inside a white thing a alien. It said “I need to get to my home planet the moon”. As quick as a flash I started building. My helmet was the fish bowl and my suit was my astronaut costume. I made my rocket by using my model rocket and taking my dads engine and putting them together. WILL I MAKE IT? Will I save my friend from earth?

Slow writing

One stormy night.There was a boy and a girl called bob and barberet.They walked quickly but didn’t look behind them.Because they were scared, they walked quickly. They heard a bang. the lightouse collapsed they tryed to run as fast as a cheetah but it caught up.


One day I was walking home I was crossing the road when a car came speeding at me it wasn’t stopping but then the car stopped suddenly. There was no driver all there was is a shadow. Ran back home screaming I was so scared that day because I didn’t know what to do what to say. Luckily I have never seen that shadow again. I still wonder what it was how did it drive a car. The next day I was walking home by myself now one around then I saw a shadow`it was that thing that that horrible thing.

Slow writing

It was snowing it crunched under my feet it was freezing it was as if the whole word was frozen.The car froze. I was getting ready to go, then school got cancelled.I was as happy as a person getting a present.  I spent all day with my  brother. slowly I walked away, when my broter got to sleep.

Slow writing

Suddenly, I started running. I saw something move in the darkness, like a lion stalking on its prey before it pounces.I shouted “WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?” Something was growling in the gloomy night.I heard something behind me, they’re were hundreds of them I screamed out “HELP!” Then finally one came away from the darkness, the face will scare me for life.