Kojo’s story Chapter 4

The next morning, I woke up then I went to Pascal’s bed to see if he is asleep.
“Pascal!” I shouted
“What?” muttered Pascal
“It’s morning!”I called
The sun was shining on the poor boy’s.
“Let’s go to the plantation.” I said
“Get to work you lazy cats!”
I thought that I will argue with Le Cochon but I said to myself “I just need to be calm.”
“Kojo what happend?”Pascal asked quietly
“Nothing I’m just too exited that we are going to escape.”I whispered
“Nightime!”I said
“hurry.”Pascal called
“I’m a little bit scared about the escape.”I cried
“don’t worry I will help you.”
Pascal smiled to me.

kojo’s story chapter 4-5

this is a part of my story.

Chapter 4

Lecochon  was stool inside the hut, shouting and screaming and I went to pascal excitedly to give pascal the banana. I walked along a long path that was covered in squelching mud and a few twigs. Suddenly I heard the UN-satisfying sound of Lecochon’s enormous, heavy  boots stomping on the mud and bone chilling me in every step he did.                                                             “this is not good!” I thought to myself almost saying it out loud.                                                           “Hey,who’s slackin ” Lecochon bellowed loudly.He bolted several doors before welcoming himself onto the path.I knew that I had to pick up the paste.Quickly, I wizzed round the corner and I saw pascal standing at the end of the path.I smiled. Then I looked again.Looking at him, I saw the holes i his clothes and he was bleeding like heed been wiped twenty times. It looked like he’d just finished running a marathon! I paused for minutes.

From the corner of my eye I saw Lecochon striding towards us like the angry pig he really was, Until we came face to face. “who stole my banana!” he shouted. I stepped forwards anxiously. He threatened me with his metal whip then  wiped me hard.

Chapter 5

I was bleeding.Bleeding to death. It was so painful that I didn’t have a word to describe it except the word “Ouch”. I was jumping up and down rapidly, trying to wear out the    unbelievable amount of pain tingling my leg. I asked Pascal to help me inside but he said”I need to finish my work ” I understood. Slowly, I stumbled to the hut without any support if I fell. A sombre feeling inside me made me cry both inside and out. Butterflies filled  my tummy as I entered the unfriendly smell of Lecochon “I don’t belong here ” I roared across the hut. I entered my room and  settled my leg on a pillow.

Hours later, Pascal finished working and he sat down on the bed opposite me. “What where you thinking!” I didn’t say a word.It was silent for minutes until pascal started taking about his family. Then I changed the subject. Again and again until something unexpected happen. He told me the same question “Have you ever killed anyone ” I paused for seconds then I changed the subject before he can say a word. Soon we was talking about the plantation  and how dreadful it was. “Lets escape” the words came from nowhere. It was Pascal. “Lets grab a gun and go”


Kojos story [chapter 3]

Two hours laters Pascals eyes still stared at the yellow banana  in Kojos hands. Pascal wasnt grateful, what was in Pascal head was what if Le Cochon find about the banana. He couldnt resist the squisy taste of the banana so he scoffed it up but then the boys heard footsteps . It was Le Cochon the pig. He kicked  the door and BAM! the door fell. Kojo and Pascals heart was thuding  and  Le Cochon  thretend Kojo and Pascal.

The threten was loud and scary. There was to much wihhpes and  there was to much shouting. “Get out ” shouted  the boys.Soon enough  Le Cochon was out, all  the kids stared  at Le Cochon. He  grunted   at the kids and moved his neck fowards. Back in the room the  boys were wiping the tears and said ” what are we going to do?” The boys started to make a plan.

Kojo’s Story

Chapter One

“Did you ever kill anyone?” Kojo asked Pascal. The question flew like a bullet through the tense of the dark night and hit Pascal hard in the chest. Pascal glanced at Kojo in fury hoping he would go to sleep.
“Would you BE QUIET and just GO TO SLEEP!” Pascal roared but also hoping not to wake anyone or else face the bike chain and the hard wooden beating stick. Kojo turned away from him in sadness as he needed a long rest for tomorrow at work.

Chapter Two

The next hot summers day, Kojo woke up at five thirty to find Pascal still in bed. “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!” Kojo yelled.
“Whoa!” Pascal said as he fell out of bed.
“Come on, get ready, we’re going to be late for work and boss will kill us!” Finally they were at the cocoa plantation to start to get cocoa but while he was walking down to the cocoa plantation to start to collect and chop cocoa but while Kojo walked by the cocoa trees he turned around to see that Pascal was gone

Chapter Three

“Pascal, Pascal!” Kojo shouted as loud as a lion. Then I saw him. I saw him and Le Cochon holding the bike chain above him, about to swing for Pascal. Kojo ran and ran but he couldn’t get to him that fast enough and Le Cochon was gone. Pascal was on his knees crying and bleeding.
“Are you okay?” Kojo asked.
“Not really.” Kojo helped him up and started to cut some cocoa. Then Kojo ran as fast as the wind to Pascal’s and his room to fetch a small piece of light blue cloth and put it under the cold water tap. As quick as a flash, Kojo whizzed back with the cloth
“Hi again” Kojo said. The Kojo quickly wrapped it around his arm. Kojo accidently shocked Pascal and wrapped the wet cloth around his arms in surprise.
“That hurt!”
“Oh sorry”
“But thanks”
“It’s okay and it’s never to late to help a friend” Kojo said to Pascal.
“Hey let’s escape tomorrow” said Kojo
“How?” said Pascal
“You’ll see just meet me here at ten PM

Chapter Four

“Quarter to ten, just enough time to get to the cocoa trees” Pascal said. It was a cold and lonely night just like that pig called Le Cochon, his master. Pascal kept on walking down to the cocoa trees where Kojo said to meet him. Kojo was looking around to find Pascal but he wasn’t there. Kojo thought he’d over-slept Kojo knew that Pascal would never miss a chance like this.
“Where is he?” Kojo muttered.
“He finally found him drulling down his shirt and slowly strolling down to him. A few minutes later, he came along up to Kojo and said
“Why are we doing this?, I’m so tired!”
“Come on you lazy old smelly donkey we’ve got to escape!”
“Ssshh! You’ll wake me!” Pascal sleepily groaned
“You are awake dumbo! Kojo annoyingly grunted as he slapped Pascal.
“Come on Pascal we’re already five minutes late.” As they walked down, they saw the
gate. On and on they walked until Kojo asked something Pascal would never want to hear again ever since it happened. Kojo asked him about why he got whipped. Pascal said “Because I accidently called my master a pig and accidently kicked him but it wasn’t my fault it was all his fault!” They carried on walking until they heard something. It was very spooky. Quickly they ran and ran until they jumped up onto the gate and over the other side of it. Now they were out and back into the village where they came from.

Chapter 5

They sneakily slid our the forest and into the village where they belong. Finally they arrived. They saw the dusty roads and the wind swirling around like a tornado.
“Can you believe we’re here?” Pascal excitedly said. They were shocked.
“MAMA, PAPA!” Kojo replied

The End


Kojo story [chapter2 ]

The next morning Le Cochon [ Mr Kouassi] master of the cocca plantation stared at all the young kids including Kojo and Pascal. Kojo was slaking .Just then Pascal went.Then the master came closer and closer till  he shouted “why are you slaking ?young boy”. Le Cochon  took his bycicle chain and wihped Kojo on his back. Just then Kojo awnserd back ” what did you do that for ? you ugly pig.” Le Cochon  stared at Kojo.”No pay!” said Le Cochon “go to your room” Kojo lisend. Kojo turned left to get a banana but he should have turned right  [and went left.] Pascal was shocked.

Kojo’s Story (Chapter 3)

“Come on Kojo, time to get up!”
“Why should I ?”
“Breackfast, and Le Cochon’s comming. Any way i’m going before i get whipped”
“Why you not up child!”  Le Cochon yelled, “Youi should be at breakfast”
“Not hungery sir”
“Not hungry, I pay good money to have slop, especially when it’s hot.”

As Pascal was arguing with Le Cochon, I was peeping though a hole in the tawny door of the sleeping shack. “You alright?” I asked softly, “I heard your going without food,” I paused ” I got you this” I continued.
“A BANANA! Do you want to get us killed?” Pascal shaouted Pascal picked up a coco pod and hooked the banana around my neck. He lead me to the tree and bang, he wacked the coco pod on my head.

Kojo’s Story (Chapter Two)

It was another typical day in the boiling climate of Guinea. Frequently getting booted by my evil auntie Lorraine. Auntie Lorraine left me to look after my 3 year old sister Beju. That night when i was changing my sister’s nappy, auntie Lorraine, who had a wart on her nose, a bit of fluff for hair and a glass eye, once again whipped me and shouted “I told you to use token powder!”
“Yes miss, I mean auntie sorry, I won’t disappoint you again. I said in fear of an other whip. “Beju, tonight we will run away” I whispered



Kojo’s story ( chapter 1)

“Have you ever killed anybody? Pascal’s voice echoed through the bedroom. As Pascal turned, I heard the squeaking of the bed. Will you ever shut up. Pascal crackled at me.  “I just wanted to know” I said shivering with fear like he was going to kill me.     

“Where is your mum and dad?”

 Suddenly Pascal gave me a stern look.Suddenly he started to begin his story.  It was a joyful beginning but then it got worst .  He started of by the sun was as bright as gold.  When he started I thought how he got hear.  Just then Pascal told me ” if I am going to escape I am   not taking you with me”  

kojos story

“Have you  ever killed enyeone”?

This is so hard sweat dripping down my face talking to pascal. Sir darted into our room with the chain threaterning it with me.As quick as a flash “ahhhhhhhh!”

The next day,I woke up from my sweaty bed.This could be my day to get out of this horror.

Pascal was so hurt from getting hit from lechon he didnt go to lunch! I got him a bannna I was so close from getting caught.There I saw pascal shadow on a bush I ran over and gave him the banna but really it wasnt pascal it was lechon with the chain and all I saw coming was a chain arownd my face.I ran away

Im getting out of here tonight. im sick of getting beat from that fat bully.I cant take it eny more. As the moon rose and the sun died pascal mummbled to me when shell we go “NOW”But where Just follow me quick “what if ith gos rong.Trust me, As it got darker and darker we creeped out the doorI thought I saw a shadow but finaly I got out of the coco plantation.

Lets hide behind that brown murcy tree.ThereI saw day light,”run,run!yes finaly.As the sun was bazing down I ran. I tried to look for my foster parents.I darted round the villige looking for them

In the distance I saw my mum and dad.”mum,dad What are you doing here ,?I was over joyed to see my family finaly im in my familys arms.Mum and dad had a suspishes look in there eyes.It wasnt the look I expected. Quietly they said your going back to that coco plantation.Get in the back of the truck Now my heat sank into a million peices. As we  pulled up, I saw Lechon.

Kojo’s story ( chapter 2)

The next day I was woken up from my sleep wishing I was with my mother and father in there bed but I wasn’t.  I just wished the doom of nightmare about the cocoa plantation would be gone this is like watching a horror movie with the master like the monster.  Suddenly  I realized – PASCAL! where was he? Suddenly I heard a voice in the distance.  It was Le cochon, the pig he was a sweaty old man who liked to beat children up.

 ” get up you filthy mess” shouted Le cochon.  Pascal just stood frozen to the spot. “Why arn’t you speaking you filthy animal”.? Have you ever wondered why I call him a pig? It is because he is filthy and never has a bath.  Suddenly I heard Pascal go without lunch.  I quietly sneaked and got a banana for him.

Kojo’s story Chapter 3

One hour later,I heard footsteps near the door. I heard a deafening bang

“who’s there?”I asked. No one replied I said again “who’s there?”
“Le Cochon!” the pig replied
“Come in !” I shouted
“Pascal come here.”Le Cochon muttered. I felt anxious I didn’t know what to do.
“What you going to him?”I asked
“Don’t worry.”The Pig said. The pig took him I had to think of a plan how to get him back here.
It was night time I didn’t go to sleep it was really hard to see in the darkness. Felling nervous,I was looking for Pascal then I saw someone he looked like Pascal. I went to see if thats him.
“Is everything alright ?” I asked Pascal. Pascal didn’t reply
“We need to escape!”Pascal Shouted
“How?”I asked
“Lets think of a plan!”Pascal called
“Tomorow in the night we need to run away from the plantation”Pascal whispered

Kojo’s Story (Chapter One)

Chapter One

“Did you you ever kill anyone?” I asked “But did you?” I continued
“whats it to you?” Pascal angrily said
“Just wonderd” i replied
It was silent. As I closed me eyes, i could here Pascal muttering “One day just one day, I’m going to get out of here”
“No you won’t.” I firmly retorted
“Yes i will and when i do you will not be getting to come with me. Now go to sleep or well’l get whipped fo slacking.” I growled under my breath. But apparently not quiet enough. “Shut it!” Pascal bellowed as he made the bed squeak.

Kojo’s story chapter 2

The next day,with Pascal again I stood up and saw that Pascal was gone. I didn’t know what to do.

Then, I went to the green and colourful plantation I saw Pascal arguing with Le Cochon. I heard that he said “you not eating anything today!”

“Lunch time!” Le Cochon shouted. I thought I would get that bannana that was on the tree for Pascal.

“Psst! Pascal that’s me Kojo I got a bannana for you.”

“Thank you Kojo”Pascal said

“What happend with you and Le Cochon?”

“I dont know.”Pascal replied

“Just go the pig will see you!”Pascal whispered

“Ok.” I whispered



Kojo’s story[chapter 1]

‘Did you ever kill anyone ?” asked Kojo. Pascal froze in a disturbing postion. Kojo was tired of all the work he did and wanted to go to sleep. Pascal glared at Kojo in fury. All there was left to do was go to sleep, but they knew  they couldnt ,otherwise the master of the cocca plantation would hit Pascal and Kojo. Pascal and Kojo wasn’t looking forward tomorrow. 

Kojo’s Story : Chapter 1

“Have you ever killed anyone?”The question silenced the room.                                       “Non of your business”I replied shifting about on the wooden plank wich served as me as a bed.                                                                                                                                     “Just asking” Pascal chimed in . I peered at the stars above the plantation grounds “Anyway if I did I would not trust you with that sort of  information. Even if I did it would not matter, because when I get my pay I am going to leave this prison and I am going to find what is left of my family.                                                                                                          “I shifted about and quietly added”If I do leave then you are not coming with me.”

kojo,s story

chapter 1

“Have you ever killed anyone?” Those 5 words echoed like a bell over lapping each other.Pascal as always, ignored me. “Have you if you have why did you do?Who was it?”

“Shut up, you are a right pain. Have you killed anyone ? Have you killed anyone?” Pascal said over and over again.

“Stop being mean” I retorted, feeling hurt.

“well be quiet and go to sleep then!”pascal said very fed up.

“Well do not expect me to talk to you when you are crying in the night”.I silently slipped into bed then pascal spilled water on me “Oi what do you think your playing at” I shrieked.

“Shut up you will wake the pig up at this rate!”but then pascal burst out laughing. I changed for the second time and said “when I run away I am not taking you no way”.




Chapter 1 Kojo’s story

“Did you ever kill any one?”I asked
Pascal didn’t reply.
“Did you? Did you ever kill any one?”
“what if I did kill any one?”Pascal called angrily
“I was just asking how you would feel!”I shouted
“Don’t ask me!”Pascal shouted
“Sorry!” I shouted
I turned back to my wall feeling miserable. Pascal heard me crying like mad in my bed.
“I’m sorry”Pascal said sadly.
“Ok.” I said
Finally the boys fell asleep.