As the night fell, he gently lay his hands on his one and only friend.He started to play a tune with his friend.His thoughts took him back to were it all started.

A cold chill shivered down his spine;the hairs on the back of his neck stood up as a recent memory came back to him.Gently he felt a cold figure touched his face like a winter breeze.The breeze passed by and drifted away,he felt alone again.

Don’t Panic! part 2

Here is another reason you should never panic in test, extended writes, homework, S.A.Ts or anything else………………..YOU WILL FAIL. You fail  because sometimes we human beings, over think and some weird junk pops into our heads.

There was always fights on this planet but this was the most epicest one yet and I’m not even sure if epicest is even a word. There is epic and I’m just adding a EST at the end which couldn’t cause any harm. Like I was saying, this fight is going to be the most epicest one yet.

What to read on? I will put the next bit next week.

Don’t Panic!

“There it was. The sun illuminating the atmospheric and the universe around us. I just relaxed as the sun sustained the heat. I just want to lay here, for years and years. It just maintained the heat.” Suddenly I realized that It today was a school day and on school days I had to go to school and also, that was a brilliant start to the extended write we  where going to do day. The very next part could be ” then a monster from outer space eats our heads of ” or ” a very ugly man so ugly that once he literally burnt my eyes out. More and more Ideas Poped into my head as I hurried of to school but I couldn’t choose because it was a too hard decision to make. As I came out of the house, a Fat ugly man was mowing the lawn. Like in my story I planed out, he was so ugly and fat that it nearly burnt my eyes out. I really wanted to tell him how ugly he was but It some how felt like the wrong thing to do.” The sun got closer and closer. I died.” I instantly became to panic. What if my story was to short and boring! I thought deeper.” Every thing was white and I floated. I was an Angel about to take flight to heaven.” The ugly man stood, mouth opened and eyes fixed at me as I was some sort of fool. I panicked more and tried to think of a different topic.

“one potato,

two potato,

three potato,


burgers on sale

monsters from outer space

rude teachers

things that smell bad


dirty nappy’s


Steven Gerard

Lionel Messi


red cards


Things that look funny”

Unfortunately I got a Z minus that my teacher made up!



100 word Challenge

I couldn’t help myself. It entangled me in it’s vice like grip. I couldn’t think for myself. It was a growth that had attached itself onto my brain. My thought’s had been obliterated. The words repeated in my head in a pulsating mutter: the key, the key. It’s killing me, crushing my soul. Soon I’ll just be alive; a shell of a child, nothing more than a body that I used to be. Now I’m so much more since the key. I have been different ; as time goes by I will become less and less like I used to be.

Slow Writing Challenge

The icy slope stand so innocently failing to expose the sharp inconsistent incline. A death trap.For anything to come across ,the misfortune of encounter, with it,is destined to the bleak sombre grave. Like a Purple-necked Pitcher Plant it seems so virtuous  but holds a heart-wrenching secret. Blissful children doomed to there unforeseeable deaths. Obliviously, they veer down it’s forgiving banks and into the arms of despair.

My Audio Tour

In literacy, we have been making tours of the school, I decided to make an audio tour of the junior area of the school.This is my tour.


The Abomination (Poem)

The mishap

The accident

The odd one out

I am the abomination

I dwell in the shadow of inconspicuousness

Dodged by mortal minds

I am the abomination

The earth, the black hole, sucking me into oblivion

I am the abomination

I am barely alive, I live with only half a human heart

For I am the abomination

The carcass of the camel that lay in ye field

I am the abomination

The one who disappeared under the waves of immortality

I am the abomination; forever the abomination


Reading Day

Today we had a brilliant reading day, where we were able to dress up as our favourite characters and share our love of reading.

Each child was asked to bring in an object to include in a whole class story – we had everything from stones to teddies, and a Rubik’s cube to a snow globe! Together, we planned and created a brand new story called Frankenegg, about a mad scientist whose experiment to bring an egg to life goes drastically wrong. We teamed up with Miss Withington’s class to share our stories and the year 1 children were fantastic!

Below you can have a read of our planning and our story, as well as the decorations we put on our door to represent the book cover.

What do you think? If you were to change the story, what would you do?



Frankenegg – the story!

One cold stormy night, professor Oink was in his scary, haunted castle.Professor Oink had a dirty lab coat, pink skin and glasses that make him look even more crazy.

Suddenly he heard the wild wind crashing against the windows, and he saw the snow tumbling down. He was working late into the night.

Moments later he thought of a cunning plan to bring an EGG TO LIFE. It will make him the richest pig in the WORLD!

As lightning streaked across the midnight sky, he threw diamonds, flowers, seashells, deodorant and a Rubik’s cube into his bubbling cauldron. He ran an electric current through the liquid but to his disappointment nothing happened. Professor Oink was very upset and with a big sigh went to bed. He cuddled his teddy, listened to music, played on his xbox and read a book. At last he fell asleep.

Hours later, Professor Oink woke with a start. A bolt of lightning almost blinded him, the thunder  beating loudly in his ears.Before he could properly open his eyes, he heard footsteps echoing down the dark dark corridor.

When his heart stopped pumping and he had cooled his panic, Oink grabbed his torch and looked around. The cauldron was split in two by the lightning and his potion trickled on the ground. Professor Oink quickly packed his bag down the giant cardboard tube and began his search.

After a moments thought ,he hurriedly  rushed down to the dark and spooky village .As he scurried across the pebbled street,he noticed  egg-shell that had dropped on the floor ….

Seconds later a flash of lightning tore through the midnight sky. To professor oinks amazement it struck the egg .The egg grew  and grew and grew,until it was taller then a block of flats

The egg towered over the people, and a chorus of screaming and crying broke the silence of the night. The Professor Oink stared at the giant egg, lightening struck once more. The Professor let out a frightened squeak which the egg heard. Slowly, he chuckled at the Professor and started to move closer…

Faster than lightning, professor oink went rushing towards the castle doors, trying to get away from the giant egg. Horribly, frankenegg was tearing the castle doors to shreds . Professor Oink was shell shocked because of his creation. As loud as he could, professor oink squealed in despair as he watched his home being torn to apart by his creation, Frankenegg.

On the ground he suddenly saw a dragons tooth and a sharks tooth. Professor Oink was so annoyed that he grabbed the teeth, clenched them hard and jammed them into the traitorous creation. The screams were so piercing it nearly sent proferse oink death. People from the village began to rush to the scene, woken from their beds by the noise.

He could hear this ear splitting,piercing,screeching racking noise,it was the eggs shell beginning to shatter.There were zigzags and squares,then with a blink of an eye the egg cracked.Everyone thought that it was going to explode but it didn’t.After the egg cracked, out popped an evil, giant chicken!The chicken waddled towards the professor and the professor thought that it was the end.Or was it?

The chicken was ready for its first meal of its life. He blinked his googly eyes, opened his beak wide,and took one peck he gobbled up Professor Oink.





Frankenweenie reveiw

An amazing black and white extraordinary 3D film, directed by Tim Burton, Frankenweenie’s  out on 17th September. Tim Burton has decided to make his movie like “Frankenstine” but with a twist. This movie is rated PG-parental guidance. It contains, horror, sadness and mostly humour. It’s supposed to teach people a lesson.

It all starts with a boy called Victor Frankenstine………