Temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward; the crumbling engen uncontrollably exploded into life. I am helplessly thrown. I’m stuck into oblivion the only thing I know is that I’m plummeting to earth.I could see earth getting closer and closer,I knew I wasn’t going to make it so I shut my eyes and hoped. Where am I am I dead or alive please tell me I’m alive.My eyes slowly fluttered open, I’m alive but at the moment I don’t no wheather it would be better not to be. I was so confused. As thoughts raced through my mind, I stood up and balanced my self. What is that gloomy figure over in the distant.  I moved closer and closer and suddenly I knew what it was.

I can’t get away from this place. Where should I go? All of the negative feelings i’ve ever had come racing back.. What shall I do and where am I? I see a golden colour shimmer in the corner of my eye. Could it be? It is the idol i’ve been dreaming about! The idol that will make my life change stood in front of me. I grabbed it but nudged a statue of a monkey, it came alive! Running for my life. How much does this really mean to me? Running and running still no ending, will I live?

Where am i? The sounds echoed around this mythical place. I started to walk until i saw something. “Whos there” i shouted all i heard was my echo shared around this vast piece of land. Then i thought i heard somethings following me. Then i looked at my hand and there was a symbol, a symbol of a face. “What is it” i asked my self. Then i saw a light glowing like fireflies so i thought i could take shelter there. I started to walk to it and see what it is. It was like a  made palace made out of gold justin the corners of my eye i spied something. My heart pounded as i made my way to the unknown building. I climbed to the temple door.

suddenly, they caught up with me and I lost it.I have no idea where to go.What should I do next? I ran as fast as a bullet shooting .I was jumping and ducking my feet were on fire.They were so so hot I  thought they are so so fast.I felt like I’m going to fall off .I started to calm down.I was scared.

Earth veered from under my feet, showering the portentous pool’s below. Suddenly, I felt a strange swaying motion rocking me back and forth. I’m falling! Is this the end of me? I was hoping to stay alive, one moment I thought it. My mind was rushing through thoughts. “Help!” I want to cry out but there is only one person who can save me, who is me. Why did I steal the idol?  Now I have this scary fear in my heart, I couldn’t barely move a muscle. Greed filled my mind. So does sweat. I saw safety with a quick glance. With a sigh of relief, I bumped into the pilot. Happily, we made a raft. I wonder if we’ll ever escape?



100wc- Lucy G and Cian

I was really anxious at the airport wondering if we would  crash land. My mum was on private jet and it crash landed. I imagined fire to be swirling and the ocean to be roaring. It must have been extremely frightening. My mum died because of that.

 Sitting looking at the giant plane, my suitcase was only little so I couldn’t bring any toys . My life was a misery climbing up the steps,sitting on the plane. Heart pounding, hands sweating. We were flying. Suddenly,a bird  swooped  down and got stuck in the propeller  Could anyone help the bird?

100wc- Lucy G

The forest was dark and the mist was thick. One gloomy day, Isabel Freeman was wanting to discover her destiny. She had been told that if she walked into the heart of the forest on the 30th of May, something magical would happen to her. So She was trembling as she tiptoed to the heart. Owls were hooting, trees were swaying in the blustering wind.

Finally, she arrived. Her heart was pounding and her hands were shaking. Teeth chattering, head aching. Clouds meandered closer and closer to Isabel. Suddenly, bright sparkles shimmered all around her as the sun came out. 

100 word challenge



Today it is Tuesday, I am at Gymnastics. We toss, we turn, we flip, we flick. I only started three weeks before so I was a beginner. My teacher, Charlotte, with long, brown, beautiful hair, approaches me. She had never properly talked to me before. She whispers to me “ I think you’re ready to move on to harder tasks.”

I was petrified when she said that. “A SOMERSAULT?” I shout.

Here I go. Going to spin in the air at my full speed. Running up the track, heart pounding, arm aching. I hit the ground. Suddenly the pain in my arm got worse. What had happened?

My 500wc

The Regular Farm Girl. Look below. 

Tuesday 12th May: My name is Honey Meadows, and I live on a farm. It’s quite an easy life but it’s not easy when you need to muck out the horse’s stables. I live in Canada and I don’t go to school. I wish I could go to school to get a good education but my parents says it wastes too much time. I want something interesting to happen to me in life and I want to find something that no ten year old had ever found before. I have a normal cow-girl style but no one likes it. I think I should wear whatever I want to wear in my opinion.

12.00pm:My parents are the most famous horse carers in the world. They have to go away for two hours every day with Smartie (one of our horses ) to compete in a jumping competition. So, while my parents are away I read a book on a huge pile of hay stacks.

12.15pm:Two very boring hours later, my parents finally came back from the competition. They didn’t win but for once I actually didn’t care. “Honey, my mother shouted from outside, we have something to tell you.”
“ Tell me what mama?” For a minute I thought some dreadful thing has happened.
“ Me and you father have some awful news. Smartie has had a terrible accident and he had to go to the animal hospital.”
“ W-w-what? Why did you even take him out to a competition when you knew he had rusty bones?” I sobbed all evening and I hated myself for not stopping him from going to compete. I cried my unforgivable self to sleep.

Wednesday 13th May: It’s the morning and I am going to go and see Smartie at the hospital. My teeth are chattering and I am horrified what state he may or may not be in. My hands are sweaty and I really am frightened.

5.45pm: I’ve been to the animal hospital and Smartie is in a spacious room lying down. The vet said that Smartie has a broken leg and it is very serious. “ Dad I asked, what are they going to do t-to him?”
“ I don’t know sweetie, I don’t know.”

7.55pm: It’s almost 8.00pm and we are expecting a phone call from the vet. I am shivering and I feel sick. My heart is thumping and I hope Smartie is okay. “ RING RING RING!” The phone rang. It’s the vet. I ran behind mum and squeezed her arm. “Oh-o-oh- ur- ok-sniff” Dad seemed extremely upset. “Dad w-w-what’s wrong?”
“Smar-t-tie has to get p-put down.” From this day nothing good has happened to me and I will never find anything that no other ten year old would find out. All I will find is sadness and misery. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. Why does my life have to be like this? Me and Smartie shared a special bond but now I will never see him again. Thanks for a lovely life with you, Smartie boy.

Why I think I should be a Digital Leader for Flickr

I think I should be a Digital Leader for Flickr because I have used quite a lot of times and I feel very confident in using it. If I did become a Digital Leader, I would help children and adults of St Josephs put pictures on the blogs. If I help children and adults, the blogs would grow because more people would know how to do more detailed posts.

By Lucy G

Why I should have my own blog

These are the two reasons why I should have my own blog. Look below.

Reason one: I post posts onto the year 5 blog as often as I can and I constantly check the year 5 blog and respond where needed as quickly as possible. I think it’s a fantastic, modren way to keep up to date with what’s going on and it is definitely the way foward.

Reason two: If I get my own blog I can share my experiences and feelings with others and encouarge them to do the same. Also I can show people that are unsure how to do it. I am confident with blogging and feel that my experiences and thoughts will be of interest to other people.

By Lucy G

My trip to Castleton Febuary half term 2013

On Thursday 14th Febuary 2013, I went to Castleton. My friend Lizzie came with me and it was tons of fun! We went into a extremely narrow tunnle on a boat and it was where the miners mined for all different sorts of gems. I bought a marble egg and it came with a stand. It is blue and it is very special to me. I also bought a small dolphin made out of marble and that is extra special to me. We climed a castle called Peveril castle and I was a bit worried when we went inside of the keep because apperently people have seen a ghost of a knight and his horse gaurding the keep. Anyway here are some pictures of my fabulous trip.



Year 5 Ilam trip 2013

On Thursday 7th Febuary, the year 5’s went on an amazing trip. Ilam is a lovely little village and the place we stayed was also very lovely. Our rooms had bunk beds in them and it had a sink in the rooms as well. We did lots of fun activities like tile painting and candle dipping. We did a 5 mile walk and after the walk every boby was very very tired. Here are some photos of the fabulous trip.





No love

It was a cold, windy, rainy day today. I haven’t seen the sun for weeks. My parents are always at work in the offices and I am left at home alone almost everyday. I usually read my book to keep me entertained for a while. Then they come in at about 9.00pm. I tuck my self into my warm, cosy bed and dream about running over the meadows with my mum and dad holding their hands but that’s just a dream so I know it will never happen.

It’s the morning and the weather hasn’t changed at all. As always, my parents are going to work and  I have to walk to school which is an hour and a half away. It’s in Oxford and I’m in Derby. This evening I was going to ask my parents if we could do something special  but I think the answer will be no because they don’t bother with me.

I am back at home and I had to stay at school for an extra hour because I wasn’t paying attention during class. So it’s 7.00pm now and I’m very bored. I have a horrible head ache and I feel sick so I am definitely going out for a walk to clear my mind.

I’m staying off school today because there is something I need to do. I am packing my bags and leaving my village. If my parents won’t give me any love, why should I be staying here where I have no attention? I hope this is the right decision. I will leave a note on their chester draws saying:

I am leaving this village becuse no one gives me anything. Don’t bother trying to find me becuse you will not find me. I will hide where no one will ever find me. From Izzy.

That’s my letter. I hope they will understand. The thing my parents have to realize is that I love them but they don’t love me.




Madame Tusauds visit in London 2011

Madame Tusauds is a place where there is lots of realistic clay models of celebrities and well known people. For example, Bob Marley, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Russel Brand and many more celebrities. Remember that they are only clay! It is very clever how they have made the models becasue they look so real. There are some pictures below.