My temple run story!

This is a story about temple run.

My eyes fluted open to hear the sound of birds tweeting and the sight of monkey’s swinging. Swiftly, quickly but luxuriously  the monkey’s sawed through the trees. My strong arms pulled me up the trees as I searched for refuge then I saw the temple. I was exited because no adventurer as ever got inside. Finally, the temple. Who knows what was inside?

My birthday party!

The idea all came to me when I went to my cousin’s party. To have it at roller world. About to weeks after I went with my friend Megan to get warmed up. About five weeks later, my Mum gave me a early birthday present. They weir roller boots. Since that day, to the birthday party, I roller skated! The day finally came, I could feel my heart jump up in joy, it was so exiting. Everyone had a unsteady start but got on the big one at least five times. I fell over three times because I was thinking about other kinds of things like presents! I went in the middle, through the middle, by the end. To top it off, my Mum made a brilliant cake. I hope everyone who came enjoyed it and thank you for coming!

Les Miserables

Recently, I auditioned for Gavroche, confident London accent boy. I got the part and am looking forward to the show. Its at Robert Ludlam theatre. I have had a couple of rehearsals all ready but I sure will have more! My favourite Gavroche song is ‘little people’ its funny and their is two different versions, the film version or the full version. If you have got access to online go check it out!

The pain in my arm! 100WC Luke

The plane came towards my island. CRASH! I awoke, suddenly the pain in my arm hit me like a gunshot. The enormous SOS plane must have broke into pieces and trapped my arm under the door. The world span around me and my eyes shut once again. With a mighty cry I slipped my hand free. I studied footprints from the sand. The pilot was in look! I searched for him and found him sitting in the corner drinking my last drop of water. He saw me and stammered, “ w…w…What do you wan…n…nt!”

“To help you!”

Now we are the craft brothers who survived!

The last survivor,Og

This is my 100 word challenge.

I squinted at the rocket as it launched into space.Darkness filled the air for seconds,but then light burst out!I waited for ages,then ran!My little legs dragged my lumpy body.My house was in sight.I shimmed on to the roof to get a closer look at this war creator.The alien revolution died in the past.Humans won.My world changed in days, and weeks, and months.He spotted my house and I edged closer to get a better look.After a while we made friends.I gave him a apple, poison filled his body.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

We have been studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth and today we had a brilliant discussion about the lead character and his wife, Lady Macbeth.

We discussed the personalities of each character and lots of us have changed our minds about Macbeth. What do you think of him now?

Finally, we acted out a small role-play between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Have a listen and see what you think – how has Lady Macbeth tried to influence her husband? What is your opinion of her?



500 word challenge

This week we were doing the 500 word challenge.I found it ereally fun because we were aloud to write about ANYTHING!This is my story.


                Minecraft trouble!

“Mum,” I shouted ”can I have my 40 minutes on the computer?”
“Sure but remember to do your homework!”
I ran up my new carpeted stairs looking at the photos through my history. I slid onto my chair and logged on to minecraft. I longingly looked at the screen but it just would not load.I guessed I would have to go on the park. ”Mum can I-”
“Sure,” interrupted mum, ”but don’t be late!”

I did my usual thing until there was an unusual noise no human can speak.
.”WATCH OUT!” All of a sudden something shoved me to the side. It was my character in minecraft…

“W-what are you doing here?” A shiver ran down my spine.
“No time to talk” he replied as he sprinted towards the squared skeleton.

I hid him in my cupboard and then there came a noise from downstairs. It sounded like a hiss.No it couldnt be,my Mum set off a creeper.

I got him out of the cupboard. He stabbed the creeper from behind. You could tell by the the face of my Mum that she was really confused. ”What’s going-”
“No time to explain,” I interrupted and faced back towards the squared guy, “do you know how you could get back?”
“I know one way….”

I longingly looked into his eyes. ”Tell us then!”
“Its to destroy Herobrine and Israphel and save Notch!”
My mouth flung open. ”Which one?”I questioned”You know their is a human one, right?”

Mum, confused, listened behind us.”I am still confused, how did that thing get into our world?”
“Why don’t you ask him,” I replied, ”not me!”

He explained every bit of detail. ”and then herobrine pushed everything into this dimension!”
“You mean world!” I interrupted.
“Yer world”he gave me a stern look. I looked closely he was looking behind me.

I felt hot breathing on my soft-skinned neck. It felt like a snake was pulling around my neck. I spun around and shifted nearer to my Mum. Herobrines eyes were fixed on me. I looked behind me for my Mum but she was strides away. I guess it was just me and him. I felt like I heard a wisper echoing round my ear.It said. ”Duck!” I heard it nice and clearly. I did as it said and an arrow shot over my head.It landed straight in Herobrines heart.

We ran towards the portal, behind me I heard a terrible scream. My head spun as I slid through the mud.It was Israphel. He had more than Notch!but my Mum. A sword got thrown in my direction I grabbed hold of it and stood with it firmly in my hand.
I sprinted towards him and stabbed Israphel straight in the chest. My friend jumped through the portal. I sprinted through to his destiny to say bye. It closed behind me. This is my only memory of earth.

I hoped you enjoyed:)

Why I should have my own blog.

I am writing to say why I should have my own blog.

Firstly, if you give me a blog I would write about everything that has happened in lessons and all that I have leaned. If im on holiday I would even write about what it looks like!I would write about the shows and when the dates are.

Secondly, I know I hardly ever use the Y5 blog but if you give me my own I will be on it all the time. It will be crammed full of ideas news and what I have learned. All the posts will be from me. I will try to do as much posts as possible.

Finnaly, It will be a dream come true and how would you feel if one person had a blog but you did not, wouldn’t you feel like a rain cloud was sitting above you? If I dont get a blog,will you please make a dancing, singing and drama blog.

Thank you for spending your time listening.

Hobbit with my Dad

This christmas I went to watch the Hobbit which was surprisingly 3 hours long!The screen brightened the pitch black room. I really was astonished because its the first time my Dads stayed awake for the hole film. In my opinion I think the film is better than the book because the film helped you understand the storyline. I’m still reading the book though and I might change my mind. One of my best films. Age rate:Its got some gory bits so about 7+.

The shadow! by Luke

I woke up with a fright.Someone was watching me, I’m sure of it!I could not sleep at all that night. Early in the morning about 8:00 I had a stroll in the park.The same feeling came across me.It was hard to forget!I turned around quickly nothing their.Apart from my shadow,I blinked and it was gone!I ran back home without a stop. Finally,I was at the safest place I could be,HOME!

I saw my shadow it was walking up the stairs step at a time.All of a sudden,I saw the shadow slowly moving now getting closer to me!I dropped my keys with fright. Know where to go I thought fast what was the enemy to light…dark!I shut every curtain in my  house finally,it was gone.But not for long…

I felt safe,very safe.

2 years later,I remembered that day,that problem,that shadow!The same nightmare I had 2 years ago!But would it come back?


The end