Temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerks forward engine crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life. I suddenly dropped in shock,it felt like I was flying.I looked around me it was just trees and mud.It was a, golden dust tip pyramid. What exactly was it?I gently moved forward. Not knowing where I was as I glanced up and I saw a bark of tree.I slowly as felt a sharp pain as I realised the pilot was gone.It was worst than my nightmare

Where am I? My head is full of questions that I could not answer. Eyes were everywhere I was being followed. What is following me? I asked myself in my mind. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned  there was nothing.  What could have been caused the thudding on the lifeless floor? thought it could be a tree chopping towards me. I heard another loud bang, I heard leaves  being crushed underneath me.  What is following me?  why? I saw a temple, I saw a door, racing to it, I  found a chance to get rid of the thing that was chasing me.  Do I have the time to do it?  I saw the temple behind them, that’s when I took the wrong turn, I ran towards it.

I can’t get away from this place. I think i’ve seen it before, but where? My dreams are coming alive, my thoughts are racing through my mind. Am I alone is anyone here? That  is all I wanted  to know, apart from the how am I meant to go home? There it was and I reached for it but as i reached for it but as I touched it I could hear howling monkeys in the distance. Out I came zooming out of the temple door

Suddenly they caught up with me and i lost it. will i live or die? what are they and what were they doing. I was running i jumped and i got away. but it wasn’t over yet it was just beginning. i ran faster faster and faster until they started to disappear. i don’t  know what to do now. I think i should fight. No that would be crazy or would it be. I could die. or i could live or i could be injured.

Earth veered from under my feet, showering the portentous pools below.My feet trembleswhile, running through  the hard stone path.My knees are tnickling with blood but i carry on running. With a fall I was splashing trying to flout. I had a feeling i would die,right here,right now. Breaking loose from the path it begins to ebb away. Am i still alive? I hesitate in fear. I tried to seal my hands. I couldn’t even move them. I swam to the island were bumped into someone. he looked familiar?The relief of life immersed me in its warm embrace. Will I ever escape from this creepy and magic place?


100 wc – Maria and Javine

Suddenly,I heard a sound.I have never heard it before. I thought this is  the end then I thought to myself sadly,maybe i’ll die peacefully,maybe even when momma and pappa will mourn for me! Ha,that will teach them for leaving me.SQAUCK!

“What`s that?”

Suddenly,The birds swooped down and… hit me on the head!  “OWWWWWWWWW!”I screamed, that hurt so bad blood was trickling down !I rushed to the nearest lake,my life is a mess I said, Momma and pappa are never coming back for me!They are staying in Hawii.They have got a house and  food.


Dear Mr W,

Our  captain has chosen you and your oldest son to come fight in the army.We have a shortage of men in the army and the Germans have collected loads of men and they will take over Great Britain and the others.

Your son will be in the  airplane and you will be on the ground fighting with some others.

You will have to come to our shop and buy the weapons and clothes.

Sadly  I didn’t know how to fight  properly and I got shot.Suddenly the pain in my arm started to be so powerful I had to scream for help


The floor less ground!


I wish that my room had a floor!

I don’t so much care for a door!

But this crawling around

Without touching the ground

Is getting to be quite a bore.


By Gelett Burgess


My TV came down with a chill!


My tv came down with a chill.

As soon as I saw it was ill

I wrapped up its channels

In warm winter flannels

And gave its antenna a pill.


By Willard R. Espy



William Shakespeare

As part of our learning, we learnt about William Shakespeare. So I decided to do a post about him.


William Shakespeare is perhaps the greatest play writer ever. He may of lived 400 years ago but he still remains popular. He was born in the town of Stratford but moved to London in his twenties where he started writing plays for actors at the Globe Theatre.          Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and was well known for his launguage. In his times actresses would have the lead role but today actors have lead roles. Shakespeare has not only wrote plays he has wrote poems too!

My Best friend poems

Maria is my best friend,

As friends should always be,

When I am ever upset,

She comes to comfort me.


My best friend is Maria,

Artistic, clever and funny,

Really caring and looks out for me,

In times of need, she is always there,

And there is no one quite like her.

Best friends forever.

St Peter

This is a post I have made about St Peter!

St Peter

Feast day:June 29

Saint off:churches

St  Peter was one of the apostles. Peter  was a fisherman. He had a brother called Andrew and had two friends called James and John .St Peter lived in Bethsaida, a village near the lake  of Galilee.   Jesus called him cephas which means rock .He was mentioned 195 times in the new testament. Jesus gave him the opportunity to be  in-charge of the churches and he holds the keys to heaven.Peter was in jail for three or  four times but then he was sentenced to death.He was crucified  upside down because he thought it was not right to be like Jesus.



A Shakespear Spell

Warning not for the squeamish may include gory things .


Rat’s fleas and a humans knees

Then add some mouldy cheese

Monkeys brain and elephants skin

Mix them up and add some gin

Snake leftover and lovely heart

Then just add some dogs fart

Kittens teeth and teachers tounge

Then your couldren will really pong

Boil boil toil and trouble

Fire burn and couldren bubble


Add a wart then some poo

Then an adders scale and mouse doo

A bats wing and toe of a frog

Then 10 spikes of a hedgehog

Lizard tounge and owls claw

Then just add some eggs times four

Tooth of shark and tail of dog

Then the flesh from an warthog

Boil boil toil and troubel

Fire burn and couldren bubble


Cats snot straight from the nose

Then a pile of hamsters toes

The eye of a poisonous frog

Then a some mud from a dead dog

A dead tigers mouldy brain

A man who has gone conpleatley insane

Some  mouldy muddy frogspawn

Muddy clothes only slightly worn

Boil boil toil and trouble

Fire burn and couldren bubble

I am a Digital Leader!

On Friday, I found out if I was a Digital Leader or not and I was. I still can not get over it because it was a big opportunity to show my knowledge on a computer. This is good news but there was bad news for a couple of people like my friend Maria, she did not get it so Maria you might get it next time. Thank you for reading this!

Year 5 Harlem Shake – World Book Day

Yesterday, we were discussing music and how we listen to it today. Youtube was mentioned, which is how lots of us hear new songs. One thing that happens today is ‘going viral’, which means songs or videos get viewed by millions of people in a short space of time.

One recent example of this is the Harlem Shake. Football teams, armies, colleges and schools have now done their own versions, and yesterday we watched Davyhulme Primary School do theirs. Maria suggested recording one of our own for World Book Day – so here it is!

harlemshake from St. Joseph’s Primary on Vimeo.

My trip to the zoo!

Last year my family and I went to the Dudley zoo. It was chilly but I did not mind one bit. It was a long jurney and on the way I saw a lake. Looking at the murky water I nearly was sick. Finally,what seemed like forever, we were there. When we went in my brother and I went to the oppistit door with out thinking. Mother and father came slowly behind us. The first animals we saw were Flamingos. It looked like they were doing gymnastics but in a Flamingo kind of way. Next, we saw some Owls and Monkeys. The Owls were just standing on pearches that was boring and the monkeys were lying on the floor like they were deid. As we walked down,we saw more monkey and we saw a gorilla that kept rocking side to side and sometimesgot dirt up from the ground,climed to the uncealed roof and threw it out. Next,we saw people feeding Seals and Peguins. They were cute. We also saw some tigers and lion. The tiger was sleeping and the lions were tame. They only sat there like sleeping ducks but a bit bigger. After all that, we saw chipmunkes and little animals.We also saw porcupines lieing together sleeping. Finally,we had finished the long walk.We jumped in the car and drove away.