What’s my name?


What’s my game?


What’s my claim to fame?

My brother shouted in Westfield and everyone stared at us

What’s my am?

To me clever

What’s my picture to frame?

Being friends with Francesca



One cold winters morning,when Grandma was preparing breakfast me and my dog were running round in our grand caravan.My big sister was sitting on the sofa looking at my new green jumper.It hardly warmed me up but was very heavy.I did not dare to go outside because the frost was very slippy.Finally,what seemed like forever,breakfast was ready and my parent were not out of bed so poor puppy had to wake them up but before puppy had a chance they were stomping there way to the dinner table.When they had reached the table we started.There was something about the food.

Mathematician of the week

This week, the deserving winner was Maria, who has been wowing us with her knowledge and understanding of fractions. She can simplify and add them, as well as working with mixed and improper fractions. Part of the reason she has succeeded is because she has learnt all of her times tables with the division facts too! This makes it so much easier!

Well done Maria.

Maths puzzles

This maths challenge was by me (Chiara),Annabel.M,Francesca and Maria.

Our challenge was to use the numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 in that order. We could add, subtract, multiply or divide and we had to find a way to make 464.

We had to do lost of different ways but then I came up with this way and we thought that it was very easy and my family and maria’s family and them both could not work it out.


We did itlike this: 10×9=90+8+7+6+5=116 x4=464 -3 +2+1=464

This was very easy and we hope we can do it again.

Class trip!

On Friday,my class and I went to town.It took ages to just get there.We all had to split into groups.My group went to Thortons first.I took lots of pictures.We even got a packet of chocolates for FREE! Next  my group went to M and S to see thier chocolate and we got to try a piece. Lastly but not the worst we went to Sainsbury’s and I took even more pictures.