Who am I?

1)  I have 0 vertices, 0 Edges, 1 round face. 

2)  I have 2 face sone curved one and one flat, one vertices one edge.

3)  I have 6 faces all sqare shaped, 12 Edges and 8 vertices.  

4)  I have 6 faces all rectangle shaped, 12 Edges and 8 vertices.  

5)  I have 5 faces – 4 triangle ones and 1 flat squared one, 8 Edges and 5 verices.  

                              WHEN YOU ARE TYPING THE ANSWERS AS A COMMENT PLEASE PUT THE NUMBER of THE QUESTION.  THANK YOU.   This is a game on bitesize that you can try out!!

Maths Challenge!

A couple of weeks ago in maths we swapped classes because the year 6‘s  were practising for their SAT’s week and this is what me and Ciara did.We had to do this by making eight down and eight across with these dominoes.It was really challenging to do.Here is a picture:


A maths investigation

Today in our maths class were solving an investigation from nrich. We had to fill in a disk box with different colours, but make sure we put them in the right place and have the right amount of colours.We also had to work out how big the space where the booklet goes.If we got it wrong this would mean we would get the whole investigation wrong. This would mean ‘trial and error’ which was a key thing that was needed.

Here is the link to the investigation.


Maths day! 01.02.13

Today was the maths day and we’ve learned about shapes.
Our class had to make a maths trail for year 1 we had a charactor called Robbie rectangle.
Then in the afternoon we made 3d shapes out of paper roles.
After that we went to the Assembly and all the classes showed something .
Firstly,it was the Foundation stage they sung a song all about shapes.
At the end of the Assembly Mrs Sheath announced the winners of what everyone had to take a picture with an interesting shape.
someone in Foundation stage won someone from year 2 and someone from year 5.

Our cookies!

Yesterday in maths we made cookies! Before we made cookies we had to figure out how much ingredients we needed, they were in percentages. It was really fun. What have you made in maths before?

Working out the ingredients

Working out the ingredients

Carefully measuring…

Making a mess!

Maths puzzles

This maths challenge was by me (Chiara),Annabel.M,Francesca and Maria.

Our challenge was to use the numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 in that order. We could add, subtract, multiply or divide and we had to find a way to make 464.

We had to do lost of different ways but then I came up with this way and we thought that it was very easy and my family and maria’s family and them both could not work it out.


We did itlike this: 10×9=90+8+7+6+5=116 x4=464 -3 +2+1=464

This was very easy and we hope we can do it again.

Maths challenge

This week’s maths challenge is taken from the Nrich Maths website.

As we know, nets make 3D shapes, or as Luke said, they are “2D 3D shapes!”

The nets below make 3D shapes, but they have all been cut in half! There are 9 3D shapes to make…can you find them? Record your answer (1 at a time) by commenting below – include the letters that go together, as well as the name of the shape!

Good luck.



Shape investigation

We have been trying to find a rule of 3D shapes.So far we think we’ve got it.We add the vertices to the faces and takeaway two and that equals the edges.

Example: Hexagonal Prism has 8 faces,12 vertices.So add the 8 faces and the 12 vertices together, then take away two then it will equal the edges which is 18.


We have put this in a FORMULA.




Does this work for all 3D shapes?