Temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerks forward engine crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life. I suddenly dropped in shock,it felt like I was flying.I looked around me it was just trees and mud.It was a, golden dust tip pyramid. What exactly was it?I gently moved forward. Not knowing where I was as I glanced up and I saw a bark of tree.I slowly as felt a sharp pain as I realised the pilot was gone.It was worst than my nightmare

Where am I? My head is full of questions that I could not answer. Eyes were everywhere I was being followed. What is following me? I asked myself in my mind. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned  there was nothing.  What could have been caused the thudding on the lifeless floor? thought it could be a tree chopping towards me. I heard another loud bang, I heard leaves  being crushed underneath me.  What is following me?  why? I saw a temple, I saw a door, racing to it, I  found a chance to get rid of the thing that was chasing me.  Do I have the time to do it?  I saw the temple behind them, that’s when I took the wrong turn, I ran towards it.

I can’t get away from this place. I think i’ve seen it before, but where? My dreams are coming alive, my thoughts are racing through my mind. Am I alone is anyone here? That  is all I wanted  to know, apart from the how am I meant to go home? There it was and I reached for it but as i reached for it but as I touched it I could hear howling monkeys in the distance. Out I came zooming out of the temple door

Suddenly they caught up with me and i lost it. will i live or die? what are they and what were they doing. I was running i jumped and i got away. but it wasn’t over yet it was just beginning. i ran faster faster and faster until they started to disappear. i don’t  know what to do now. I think i should fight. No that would be crazy or would it be. I could die. or i could live or i could be injured.

Earth veered from under my feet, showering the portentous pools below.My feet trembleswhile, running through  the hard stone path.My knees are tnickling with blood but i carry on running. With a fall I was splashing trying to flout. I had a feeling i would die,right here,right now. Breaking loose from the path it begins to ebb away. Am i still alive? I hesitate in fear. I tried to seal my hands. I couldn’t even move them. I swam to the island were bumped into someone. he looked familiar?The relief of life immersed me in its warm embrace. Will I ever escape from this creepy and magic place?


Temple run

Snatching the golden treasure without him knowing the they are the risks. The idol’s features shimmered upon the temple ceiling. Suspiciously, he heard howling monkeys in the distance.

As quick as a flash, came out him zooming out of the temple door and onto the ancient pathways, Fear painted his face making his face pale as a lion’s fur. Reaching his final destination but will he survive?… 

St Gabriel

Name: St Gabriel 

Patron Saint of: Communication Workers

The name St Gabriel means the Strength of Jehovah(God) he is used as a messenger of God that shows the power and glory of God. He was with Jesus in His agony, He is the angel of incarnation. Since Gabriel gave us the first word of the “hail Mary,” ask him to help you to say your rosary with true devotion.

My trip to Leicester

On Friday me, my Mum and my little brother we went to Leicester to see my cousins and my aunty. At the first day when we arrived at the train station it was really noisy and people chattering and talking the taxes were beeping and blowing up steam from the back. Diggers roaring with fury in the construction sites I felt small as an insect living in a big world. We were waiting in the waiting room I felt nervous spine tingling butterflies fluttering in my stomach the train arrived I looked down and I thought to myself ” don’t look down Michaella it’s nothing to worry about.” I jumped onto the train as fast as I can I turned to the left and leaped into a seat I fell asleep I didn’t hear a single thing.