500 word challenge

This week we were doing the 500 word challenge.I found it ereally fun because we were aloud to write about ANYTHING!This is my story.


                Minecraft trouble!

“Mum,” I shouted ”can I have my 40 minutes on the computer?”
“Sure but remember to do your homework!”
I ran up my new carpeted stairs looking at the photos through my history. I slid onto my chair and logged on to minecraft. I longingly looked at the screen but it just would not load.I guessed I would have to go on the park. ”Mum can I-”
“Sure,” interrupted mum, ”but don’t be late!”

I did my usual thing until there was an unusual noise no human can speak.
.”WATCH OUT!” All of a sudden something shoved me to the side. It was my character in minecraft…

“W-what are you doing here?” A shiver ran down my spine.
“No time to talk” he replied as he sprinted towards the squared skeleton.

I hid him in my cupboard and then there came a noise from downstairs. It sounded like a hiss.No it couldnt be,my Mum set off a creeper.

I got him out of the cupboard. He stabbed the creeper from behind. You could tell by the the face of my Mum that she was really confused. ”What’s going-”
“No time to explain,” I interrupted and faced back towards the squared guy, “do you know how you could get back?”
“I know one way….”

I longingly looked into his eyes. ”Tell us then!”
“Its to destroy Herobrine and Israphel and save Notch!”
My mouth flung open. ”Which one?”I questioned”You know their is a human one, right?”

Mum, confused, listened behind us.”I am still confused, how did that thing get into our world?”
“Why don’t you ask him,” I replied, ”not me!”

He explained every bit of detail. ”and then herobrine pushed everything into this dimension!”
“You mean world!” I interrupted.
“Yer world”he gave me a stern look. I looked closely he was looking behind me.

I felt hot breathing on my soft-skinned neck. It felt like a snake was pulling around my neck. I spun around and shifted nearer to my Mum. Herobrines eyes were fixed on me. I looked behind me for my Mum but she was strides away. I guess it was just me and him. I felt like I heard a wisper echoing round my ear.It said. ”Duck!” I heard it nice and clearly. I did as it said and an arrow shot over my head.It landed straight in Herobrines heart.

We ran towards the portal, behind me I heard a terrible scream. My head spun as I slid through the mud.It was Israphel. He had more than Notch!but my Mum. A sword got thrown in my direction I grabbed hold of it and stood with it firmly in my hand.
I sprinted towards him and stabbed Israphel straight in the chest. My friend jumped through the portal. I sprinted through to his destiny to say bye. It closed behind me. This is my only memory of earth.

I hoped you enjoyed:)