Our temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward ;the crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life.This is terrible!I couldn’t see anything even though my eyes were being forced open.I landed down.A mysterious wind shadowed out all the light and clouded my thoughts.But then,through all the mist,I see something glimmering.What is it?I can’t tell what it is?My hand gently reaches out  and touches it.OWWW it was the blade of the helicopter.Then I thought of something:where is the driver?I  hesitate, if I get up I could die.I began to look for him.

Where am I? This place is full of eyes of horror. I am being watched but who or what by? I ran not knowing up from down. Something strange is going on around this unknown place. All that was on my mind was who or what it was? I stopped worrying and carried on. My heart was pounding because I didn’t know where I was going. Something moved like lightning, I looked but I say nothing. Should I hide? I looked up.I saw my escape. A door wide open that I can dash into. I ran into the little room but the door had no lock so I thought I just going to keep hold…..

 I can’t get away from this place. There are too many thoughts racing around my head and they won’t go away. Out of the blue, something caught my eye. The beautiful shimmering idol. I reached out to grab it when I  heard a noise. I can’t believe it. As the noise came near I sprinted with all my might. I feel the warmth of the monkeys getting closer to me. Is this the end? It can’t be, can this be real? It felt like all the blood rushed to my head as I raced out the doorway.

 Suddenly they caught up with me and I lost it. The monkeys were crazy, what were they doing? When I turned around I saw them jumping at me trying to scratch me. I was so scared all I could do was run. As I ran I thought that the monkeys would stop chasing me but they won’t. I was nervous I was wondering will I live or die? I think I have a plan. Climb up a tree and hide. I’m Guy dangerous I don’t run away, or do I? Let’s find out.

Earth veered from under my feet,showering the portentous pools below.I could feel the agony in my body strudling. I felt sweat dripping down my face.My heart is pumping with fear. I could feel  something  nibbling my feet while I was looking for safety. It was something so strong that it has the ability to. My feet are torn away from solid grow, with it my hope .I thought I died.The air brushes against my bone – chilling my face! I knew that it was the end . No it wasn’t, I was surprised to see i’m alive. Or maybe i’m dead?Water laid at my  body a  familiar  face hovered above me.

temple rum Mollie Molly Lucy Cian from St. Joseph's Primary on Vimeo.

The dangerous vulture- 100wc

There once was a world of vulture’s but then they all started to die. Meanwhile humans started coming alive. All of a sudden the vulture’s stopped dying and there was only one left. 10 years later the vulture grew into a strong and dangerous vulture so all of the people were in danger. The next day the  vulture found a family walking along the beach. It hadn’t had any food for 2 weeks so he was hungry and the bird swooped down and took the baby. The bird took the baby back to it’s den and ate it the vulture got so full it died.

My Holiday

On Saturday I went to Poppy’s party and we went back to her house for a sleepover. We also painted our nails it was really fun some other people came back to the house too. Before I went to the party we went to get our new puppy she is called Missy because she is mischievous. She is also the best climber out of her siblings. She has settled in very well. We love her so much. She always falls asleep on me and my brother.


                                                 The accident


One night, me and my sister were driving to a party. We started to turn the music up. We weren’t concentrating on the road my sister was driving. We couldn’t see anything it was all darkness. All of a sudden we saw two lights coming at us we screamed. Then I woke up but I wasn’t in the car I was in hospital suddenly the pain in my arm grew bigger. All I could think about was my little sister so I asked the nurse can I see my sister. She said “i’m sorry she’s dead”

I cried and cried.

                                                  The end  

The boy who went to the moon

As night fell, I was getting ready to go to the moon. A couple of hours later, I decided to set off. While I was going to the moon I saw a beautiful view. The earth looked amazing until crash! I landed. I heard a noise and suddenly I saw a little alien I was quite afraid I went near it. It looked like it was hungry so I gave it my sandwich it ate it in a second. We started to chat he said his name was bleep blue. My spaceship crashed. How will I get home? NOOOO!…. I  weeped


In the holiday I went to sundown with my mum and my sister Poppy came as well. We have been there before but there is a new part it is angry birds. Me and Poppy didn’t like it that much our favourite  part was the barrier ride because we got wet. My sisters favourite bit was looking in the fairy tale houses she liked looking at the witches cat when it made noises. Mine and Poppy’s second favourite bit was the go karts they were really fun too.

My birthday

My birthday is going to be a movie afternoon because we are going to watch a couple of films.These are the people who are coming Poppy, Maria, Faye, Rosena, Francesca and Chiara. We are going to have a couple of snacks in between as well.

Before sunrise

                                              Before sunrise

As night fell, my family were lurking inside the walls of our dark village. All of my friends and family were playing together apart from me, the lonely child. I was upset, everyday they made fun of me. I just wanted a friend.

I had to run away, there was no reason for me to live. I had no meaning in my life so I went up a drain pipe. I went up there because it was the only place I could go. It was my home.

I thought to myself what should I do next. So I followed the light and it led me to the library. When I went in there was an old man fast asleep in his chair. I saw lots and lots of books. It almost felt like it was my home. It was the only thing that I could trust.

Suddenly I saw the most amazing thing. It was beautiful. Slowly I climbed up the man and walked onto the table. It was the fire on a candle. She looked like she has never been out before and was lonely.. she turned around and saw me. I was afraid but in love. I touched her face and in shock it burnt my hand so I stepped back and I climbed down.. A huge tear came from her eye. It could have made a river.   With a sigh I changed my mind it was my only home but I knew that I would get hurt.

I went out the door I turned back then I saw the man he was awake.

All of a sudden he was about to blow out the beautiful candle. Then my heart stopped all I could think of was the fire. I ran as fast as I could to the library. Finally I got to the huge and spacious library. The old and limping man saw me! was this the end?…….

He hit me on the leg with some kind of weapon. I started to limp. I stopped and remembered my friends, I thought I’m not scared I am supposed to be strong not a scaredy cat..  so I turned myself into a horrible dark shadow. He screamed like a baby then I turned back to the fire but I was too late the man had already blew her out. Next I bandaged up my leg. Then I saw my friends they didn’t care about me until I decided that I would play with them.

The next day I was playing with my friends and they smashed the window again.  Then I decided to laugh with them.


our new guided reading book

Our new guided reading book is amazing it is about three kids who are at home and their cousin comes to their house. They have friends who are in a fairytale land. Then they decide go there they meet all of there friends and then they go to the mystery land no one knows what the land is. When they go they find that the land is topsy turvy land. And everyone is upside down so they walk on there hands. But can they get out?

Our cookies!

Yesterday in maths we made cookies! Before we made cookies we had to figure out how much ingredients we needed, they were in percentages. It was really fun. What have you made in maths before?

Working out the ingredients

Working out the ingredients

Carefully measuring…

Making a mess!

Slow writing challenge

One night I was walking through the dark woods. The clouds were as grey as dust. Will I ever find home again? It was frightening I could have screamed. CRACK! was that a stick or a bone I had just stepped on? My watch said seven o’clock but because it was so dark it felt much later.

My profile

Hello my name is Mollie,I am 9 years old.My birthday is on the 9th of April.One of my hobbies is to draw all the time, sometimes I read a book. I like to make things for my family. I dislike playing football because I always end up getting hit with the ball. I have no pets, but I would like a pet dog. I have two older brothers and one little sister. My brothers are called Kieran and Charlie, my sister is called Rosie. My older brothers are very annoying and hassle me a lot!  But my little sister is very cute and gives me lots of kisses and hugs.  I like to eat fruit, Shepherds pies and soups.  My least favourite things are fish pies and brussel sprouts.

Dragon’s Den #1

Last week, the children made their chocolates that they had been planning for quite some time!

Today, they began using their Literacy skills to plan a persuasive presentation   which will take place on Thursday. Using a speech, a poster and a slideshow, the children must convince the dragons (the teachers!) that their chocolate is the most unique.

Here are some early efforts; what do you think?


My new house

My new house is great,it’s smaller then my old house but it’s much better.I just can’t wait to get decorating for christmas.We haven’t started decorating yet like painting but next year we are. We just thought it would be better to decorate next year than now because it’s horrible weather.