My trip

In this holiday me and my dad went on a school trip to sundown with mollie It is an adventure land theme park.We had a great time.Mine and mollies favourite ride was this barrier ride that squerted water at you it was really fun even though we got wet.Also there were go karts that me and mollie both thought was fun even though we had trouble trying to steaingr it.

The reason I should have my own blog

Dear Mr Connor,

The reason I should have my own blog is because I am very responsible and I would use it for sharing things that I have done over my life, share things all about me, share what I want to do in life. I would probably use it daily and if I was away from home I also would try and use it. Every time I go to blogging club I would add new things about what i’m going to do over the weekend. Also about what we are going to do in P.E. It would be very helpful because it would help me to not use my ipod touch as much. Using a blog daily would give me the confidence I need to make my writing better.

yours faithfully,Mollie’s