Our temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward ;the crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life.This is terrible!I couldn’t see anything even though my eyes were being forced open.I landed down.A mysterious wind shadowed out all the light and clouded my thoughts.But then,through all the mist,I see something glimmering.What is it?I can’t tell what it is?My hand gently reaches out  and touches it.OWWW it was the blade of the helicopter.Then I thought of something:where is the driver?I  hesitate, if I get up I could die.I began to look for him.

Where am I? This place is full of eyes of horror. I am being watched but who or what by? I ran not knowing up from down. Something strange is going on around this unknown place. All that was on my mind was who or what it was? I stopped worrying and carried on. My heart was pounding because I didn’t know where I was going. Something moved like lightning, I looked but I say nothing. Should I hide? I looked up.I saw my escape. A door wide open that I can dash into. I ran into the little room but the door had no lock so I thought I just going to keep hold…..

 I can’t get away from this place. There are too many thoughts racing around my head and they won’t go away. Out of the blue, something caught my eye. The beautiful shimmering idol. I reached out to grab it when I  heard a noise. I can’t believe it. As the noise came near I sprinted with all my might. I feel the warmth of the monkeys getting closer to me. Is this the end? It can’t be, can this be real? It felt like all the blood rushed to my head as I raced out the doorway.

 Suddenly they caught up with me and I lost it. The monkeys were crazy, what were they doing? When I turned around I saw them jumping at me trying to scratch me. I was so scared all I could do was run. As I ran I thought that the monkeys would stop chasing me but they won’t. I was nervous I was wondering will I live or die? I think I have a plan. Climb up a tree and hide. I’m Guy dangerous I don’t run away, or do I? Let’s find out.

Earth veered from under my feet,showering the portentous pools below.I could feel the agony in my body strudling. I felt sweat dripping down my face.My heart is pumping with fear. I could feel  something  nibbling my feet while I was looking for safety. It was something so strong that it has the ability to. My feet are torn away from solid grow, with it my hope .I thought I died.The air brushes against my bone – chilling my face! I knew that it was the end . No it wasn’t, I was surprised to see i’m alive. Or maybe i’m dead?Water laid at my  body a  familiar  face hovered above me.

temple rum Mollie Molly Lucy Cian from St. Joseph's Primary on Vimeo.

100WC- Molly & Rene

Mr C: Molly and Rene had a slight twist to their 100wc this week. Working together, they weren’t allowed to have any sentences the same length as one another. They were challenged to include sentences of 4, 5, 6 words, all the way to 14. How do you think they did? 

I should also mention that both Molly and Rene stayed in during some of their lunch-time to fine tune their work. Great commitment!

Light beat heavily down on the placid water. Waves of serenity swamped over me. Crackling in the  wind  was the tranquil melody of the herins orchestra. It carved through the stillness, leaving calico ripples in its place. In distress, the burnt copper fish thrashed with distraught anticipation. The bird swooped down and with its beautiful audacious power, it angelically dived streamline into the transparent looking-glass. Up into the air soared the bird. The fish, in desperation, hung on to the beak. Crash! Their end was upon them. The fish dropped downwards.

100WC- Molly D

As the sun came out from behind the unpromising clouds, the beach filled with lashings of light. People rejoiced merrily from behind their in-progress sandcastles and sand-filled picnics. Finally, the sun was on the human’s side! There were people from the north, south, east and west. They all seemed to dance in the sunlight. This was because; weather in Great Britain is unpredictable!

As the immortal tide bounced in and out, locals and travellers came and went. Seagulls squawked and flew endlessly around the sea and the bay, stealing peoples sandwiches mischievously. At last, the beach became lonely and deserted.

100wc- Molly D- The Hobbit

 The hobbit is a book about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins going on an adventure with about 14 dwarves and a wise wizard called Gandalf. The purpose that they go on it is to reclaim the stolen treasure from evil Smaug the dragon. They meet Beorn the skin changer, some elves, and Gollom. Bilbo finds the ring that makes you can invisible, makes you live for a long time, but it also gives you greediness because of its power.

At the start, Thorin (a dwarf) Doesn’t want Bilbo but he ends up saving everyone from the terrible dangers in their world…

Carla’s Report on Bradley

Bradley Chalkers was the first child I talked to. I know he can change; it’s just he is afraid to. He didn’t know how to but I have shown him and is now what he always was on the inside.

His attitude towards school was the worst it could possibly be at first. He just needs to concentrate and he will have lots of gold stars. Now he is desperate for a star but doesn’t know how  to act for one. I vowed to myself I’d make him change and he has with my help.

I know Bradley wants to change but he thinks no-one will respect him if he does. Now he understands -I think- he won’t be worried any more. At first, he said he didn’t like me, but I am a professional and I knew he was lying- all the time! He wants friends, but doesn’t know how to get them. Bradley is misunderstood, which makes things even worse.

The worst thing happen now is that Bradley could go back to what he was at the start. As a counsellor, I hope he won’t and will be very successful in later life, which I am sure he will be. Otherwise, mine and Bradley’s work won’t have paid off.

Dear Parents, Bradley is now up to standard for behaviour at school. I’m sure he will be successful and will go up a grade next term, but will have to continue paying attention at school and completing his homework. I hope this will help your child and I hope he does well.

Carla Davies

Molly- 100WC

Finally, the time came. Although suddenly, it didn’t feel right. Why should people get shot? By me? Unless I get shot first. One minute until it started. I breathed calmly, assuring myself over again. There was a shout. It had started.


All I could describe was chaos. Scarlet blood shot from all directions; I could hear the clinking from swords, the desperate cries from the soldiers. Suddenly, the pain in my arm took over me, I fell to the ground.

The next thing I remembered was being in hospital. This wasn’t the end, but I can’t remember all of the story. Really, I don’t want to.

Bradley’s Diary

                                           BRADLEY’S DIARY



Today I went to see Carla, the new counselor. I liked it, but I didn’t let it show. I couldn’t let it show. People would just think I’m a wimp. Ronnie says it is alright to change your mind, though.

Jeff is so stupid. I mean, who would go into the girls bathroom? At least he went to Carla as well as me. I like Carla, she let me draw a picture. But, I know she is trying to trick me. I will never ever fall for adults tricks.

100WC – Molly D

Lonely, lost and confused, all mixed together . Alone in the jet-black sky, flying to a land forgotten. The first child to ever reach the moon.

The milky – white rock stared in front of me. I was nearly there. Five minutes until the will rejoice. Two minutes. My adrenaline pumped crazily. I had landed!

This was it! A miracle happened. But, out of the corner of my eye, something was coming…

Blue – tack was looking at me. It stammered,


I gave him a sandwich from my lunch-box. We talked about our different worlds and species. Suddenly, everything went pitch black…

A maths investigation

Today in our maths class were solving an investigation from nrich. We had to fill in a disk box with different colours, but make sure we put them in the right place and have the right amount of colours.We also had to work out how big the space where the booklet goes.If we got it wrong this would mean we would get the whole investigation wrong. This would mean ‘trial and error’ which was a key thing that was needed.

Here is the link to the investigation.


Apps for your Ipad

If you have an ipad, these apps and games are quite good.

1) Minecraft PE (paid and free versions)

You can build things and there are 2 types of games, survival mode and creative mode. Creative mode is just building things, and survival mode is where you mine for iron, coal, redstone and diamonds and everything in sight to make things to help you. You have to fight creepers when the sky turns black!

2)The Simpsons- Tapped Out (free)

Basicly you have to rebuild springfield! Collect characters and get XP and dollers from the income tax and shops to build all the houses.

3) Book Creator- (2.99)

It is creating books- but with a twist. Add music and recordings, even your own pictures you can add! If you have Ibooks, you can read it from there. Quite useful if you like writing stories.

4)Temple run- (1 and 2 free)

What you have to do is quite simple, Run from the demon monkeys! Just run, jump, duck and tilt to collect coins!

5) Flow free- ( 1st free- flow free bridges paid)

Join the coloured dots without crossing eachother and you have to fill all the grid! A brain puzzle, but gets harder and harder…

I hope you enjoy these apps- they are all for kids.

My 500 word challenge

This is my 500 word challenge. I forgot to post it ages ago, but here it is!


Future Dreams

31st July

It’s 2148. The world is a place of doom. The robots have come.They came to take me as a prisoner. We have done all we can, but computers are taking over the world. The world has turned into one big block of computerised metal. I’m in a dungeon at the moment, longing to take one last breath of air, because I know the end is near.

1st August

The computer doctors have just said I have 2 months to live. Good. I want to escape this devastating, heartbreaking world. I’m the last human on earth; at least I think I am. Everyone is so lucky – everyone except me – to be dead and away from hell. It’s not fair.

5th August

I have just had breakfast. It was horrible, as it always is. Pickled mushrooms. But I suppose a monster would have different taste buds from me. I think food and this diary are the only things that aren’t electrical. Even I have an electrical brain to make me live for a very long time. Not forever, thank goodness. Nothing would replace the year 2012. The olympics were on then. In England.That country was normal then.

15th August

I’m sorry that I have been so long, diary. I have been praying to God that time would go by quick so I could be in peaceful heaven. But maybe that has been taken over too! I will just have to hope, for that is all I have left.

20th August

I have thought of a (hopefully) groundbreaking plan! I shall go to sleep for about 15 days, but if I wake I will try and go to sleep again, then lots of my life will have passed!

10th September
I have done it! Only 20 days of dread left. I wonder what’s for lunch today. Iced cauliflower, maybe, I don’t know. But now I have a chance, a chance that could make my life the best life I have had for ages. I will see you tomorrow Diary.

16th September
What have I done? What have I done to deserve this? I have about 15 days to live and now they tell me. I am probably going to cry for the rest of my life. There is one more human on earth. A girl, like me. They only found her yesterday, hiding on an island.

18th September

GUESS WHAT? I am going to see her and I might get to live longer and have a friend because the doctor was wrong! I shall be devastated if I go, but it was what I wanted so I can’t moan. I have to go now because they are going to check my brain.

20th September

I get to live with the girl! I’m dancing around my cell! My heart is pumping with excitement! This is the best day ever. I am going to talk to her now. Bye Diary, see you tomorrow.


The End