World Book Day

Yesterday it was world book day. Everyone had to dress in black and white. It was a fun day, and this is what we did.

First, we did a reading harmlem shake (see below for video post)

Then, we we made factfiles and drawings of books and characters.

After break, Mrs Kearney taught us and we made news reports about a book she showed us, but not everyone got to do theirs.

After lunch, we were with Mr Leake and we made flags about a book. We stuck our post-it-notes onto ourselves and showed the year 2s.

My favourite bit was making the news report (I got to do mine). I hope everyone enjoyed book day.

My pets

In my house I have 3 pets: 1 cat and 2 guinea pigs. My one is a guinea pig called mango, and he is really cute! He is gold and black, and has Abyssinian hair. They are hard work to look after though. The other one is my sisters, and he is called Toffee. He has gold hair, and I am not sure what type of hair he has.

The last pet is a cat called Elvis. He is black, with green eyes. He sometimes bites me, but it only hurts a bit. He is either sleeping, eating, outside or meowing!

The Hobbit

The Hobbit is a brilliant story about a Hobbit, called Bilbo, living peacfully until Gandalf and his crew arrive at his Hobbit-hole. They are on an adventure to steal their used-to-be treasure from Smaug the Magnificent, a very dangerous dragon. But after some unfortunate events, and the magic ring, will they do it?


I reccommend this book to ages 9-11

Black Rocks

I went on a walk at black rocks. It is a place with lots of walks to go on, and there is a massive rock, we ate lunch on it. Everyone had carved their names into it. The walk was very rocky, but it was fun jumping off them. We saw some cows along the way. Here are some pictures from the walk.


WOOD CHAIR AT BLACK ROCKThis was carved from the side of a wooden log bench!

BLACK ROCKThe Black Rock

100WC- Molly D

It was a damp, misty morning, but I knew something was wrong. Camping. I hated camping, because you could never get to sleep, and you always go on walks. All of a sudden, mums voice said, “Get up, Daisy. We have a walk to go on”. I told mum, “I am not going anywhere.”

“Yes you are. Come on.”

“OK.” So we got dressed, had a wash, packed a picnic, and we were off. Grassy hills, towering trees seemed to last forever. Suddenly, we saw two cases of stairs, mum and dad looked at each other and smiled. I just groaned.

100wc- Molly D

It was a bright, sunny day, and a exciting one too. It was half term, and I was on my way to Scotland. I loved scotland. Especially the sea. The place was called Talmine. But, the thing was, the car trip was so boring. So I played a game called imagine. It was a game where you had to imagine your holiday. Starting to imagine the place, I looked along the nature- surrounded road for inspiration. Suddenly, I pictured the bright yellow gorse bushes, used for gorse tea. I asked my dad, “Are we there yet?” There was no answer. The car stopped suddenly…




My Holiday

My holiday has been really fun so far. Here it is.

On monday it was my mum’s birthday, so we went to the butterfly farm and falconry centre in Sheffeild. It was like a mini zoo and the animals were beautiful. My favorite animals were the meerkats, because they are cute and I enjoyed feeding them. The butterfly bit of it was a massive greenhouse, but there wasn’t just butterflies. There were colourful birds, insects, and there was a noctournal part where it was all dark and snakes, tarantulas and bugs were all in glass cages. It was really nice there.




On tuesday me and my sister went to hickory dickories with my friends. It was very busy there because it is half term. My sister met her friend there and they started chasing us.

On wednesday we went for a cycle in the freezing cold. At the end we got hot drinks though.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday so far.

Slow Writing Challenge- Molly

I looked ahead at the snowy, towering hill I was on, with lots of happy people on it. This was it. It was the first time I’d slegded, I was very nervous. The snow, as white as a sheet, seemed like it was trying to trip me up on purpose. My mum and dad stood encouraging me. Bravely, I sat on it, and my dad gave me one big push and then, I was off.

My Christmas

At Christmas everyone came round to our house to open presents and have Christmas dinner! It was a great day, and a fun one too.

My favorite present was my white Ipad that I got. I was very lucky to get that, and I wanted one since my birthday 6 months ago. I got £150 for my birthday so I sent it to Santa for one, and he got it me! I also got a perfume labitory and a nerf gun dart tag.

Happy New Year everyone! What did you get for Christmas? Comment on this blog and tell me!

100WC- Molly

It was a stormy night, and I was lying on my bed, wondering if I would ever get to sleep. The rain was coming down like a waterfall, so I finally decided that I would never get to sleep in a million years. I crept out of my room, into the upstairs hallway. Passing the bathroom, I shuddered. I hate halloween, and I always will do. Silently, I tiptoed down the creaky stairs, not worrying about a thing. I could smell their dinner, curry! But they HATE curry! Maybe their trying it! Well, why shouldn’t they? I opened the door, but all I could see were red eyes …..