My Holiday

On the First of April I went to the cinema With my two friends we went for Oz Great and powerful.
The next day it was my Birthday I played with my friends and we had lot of fun we ate lots of sweet s and we played on the Playstation.
Then after some days My friend Julia came to my friends house and we were playing together and then we had a sleepover together.

My Holiday

My holiday has been really fun so far. Here it is.

On monday it was my mum’s birthday, so we went to the butterfly farm and falconry centre in Sheffeild. It was like a mini zoo and the animals were beautiful. My favorite animals were the meerkats, because they are cute and I enjoyed feeding them. The butterfly bit of it was a massive greenhouse, but there wasn’t just butterflies. There were colourful birds, insects, and there was a noctournal part where it was all dark and snakes, tarantulas and bugs were all in glass cages. It was really nice there.




On tuesday me and my sister went to hickory dickories with my friends. It was very busy there because it is half term. My sister met her friend there and they started chasing us.

On wednesday we went for a cycle in the freezing cold. At the end we got hot drinks though.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday so far.