My trip

Just before the half term  I went to a school in Chesterfield.  As it was a Friday    nobody was there. People come and live there in the holidays.  There is something that this school has that no other schools in Chesterfield has inside the school there are bedrooms with pillows and blankets there were bunk beds. There were some downstairs and there were some upstairs.  I slept on the top bunk with with my friend.  When we got there I felt sick and Chesterfield was full of animals and farms.  It was so much fun we played cricket, we had a barbecue. I really liked it, we were about to go swimming but it was cancelled because of the rain but we still had fun.  If I could go again I would go on a sunny day and go to the swimming pool.  I went there with Jelita, Emil and Nelwin and lots of other people.  We all had so much fun.

My trip to Burton

On Saturday I went to my mum’s friend because she has had a baby.  we arrived at her their house  we all saw the baby he was so cute. unlike most people I love baby’s they are so lovely.  My brother and sister were playing with the big son after that we had dinner at theirs after lunch we played with a balloon.  When we had finished playing we went home.