The Piano

The frail old man slumped down in the giant black chair.  The dark and empty room was filled with sadness. He was all alone. His twitching fingers ran wild playing the piano. Gradually the memories came flooding in; the traumatic times clouded his mind!

An icy chill shivered down his spine as a recent memory came rushing back to him. He visualised her cold frail lips touch his face. Her wrinkly fingers delicately laid on the keys, he knew there was only one person who could play like that, it was his wife!  Delight filled his heart, but the pain of losing her never left him.

Suddenly his fingers danced on the keyboard, as fast as lightening, boom an echoing chill exploded into life, the enclosed secret was finally opened.  Guilt dripped down his face, his eyes bursting with slow tear drops, they showed the horror of what had happened. What would of happened if? would he be alive today? would he forgive me if he was here today? He was broken.  The memory of watching  and letting his army friend die still torments him today.

He immersed himself even deeper into his memories.  Cautiously he glanced up at his pale, old grandad, he laid the present before his very eyes.  For a while he stared, anxiously, almost frightened at it, you could see thoughts travelling round his mind, is it a chocolate bar? His heart was pounding as fast as lightening, he looked down tentatively at the thin white box, it edged closer.  Slowly his young healthy hand opened it, his heart stopped and his eyes widened excitedly it was a wooden horse – he cherished it for a life time.

The surreal hallucination finally ceased, he reluctantly drifted back into the real world.  Suddenly, a tall darkish, brown wooden horse galloped past his beady, hazel eyes.  His heart warmed and his chiselled old mouth and craggy face showed the expression of happiness.  His grandchild cantered  around the new illuminating  room in total exultation, nonchalantly the boy walked closer and closer to the glossy high spec black piano.  Slowly he sat down in the puffy leather chair and tentatively pressed on the last note, he glanced up.








Niall 100wc #2

The glistening water shimmered as the crack of dawn broke, the ever elusive sun shone brighter than ever before a bird swooped down. I was cruising along in my speed boat when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl screaming for help, surrounded by sharks! The sharks, raging for blood my mind was set on one thing beating the sharks I dove in the girl now demanding help. Suddenly the sharks fled  in mortification! A dark shadow inclosed us in darkness! We scrambled in help back to my speed boat, ferociously squid slammed his tentacle to mark his territory.




All  aboard! The radiant sun shone on us as we bordered our flight to Spain, no one could have predicted what was going to happen next! The flight was going fine, better than had been predicted, I saw the birds swoop down and suddenly! The left engine was out! I was horrified, I didn’t now what to do. The horrorification of it. The foreseen horrors all awaited us in the shark ridden waters! The plane began to descend, we were plummeting back down to earth, faster than the speed of light, the plane fell into darkness, what would happen to us?



As the sun came out the glistening ocean pounded against the crumbling, dark, black cliff.  The scene was one of absolute beauty. I sat, on the pure wide sand, and watched, in amazement, at the view in front of me. How lucky was I to capture this moment.  The waves could be heard, rushing against the cliff, from miles away, at the heart of the vast ocean. Suddenly, my vision changed over the ocean, what once looked beautiful was now appearing to be dark and dangerous. The disappearing sunlight was now not so bright and appealing it was grey and horrifying, how could this be.


slow writing challenge

The towering figure. The waves clashed against the dark shadow in the distance and the light from the figure shone over the vast ocean.  Cautiously, he went to explore the shimmering water, what was it he    pondered? He could just make out that it was a light house, the mystical fog surrounded the gleaming white light house the density of the fog made it hard to waft away. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR, HELP MEEEEEEE! My heart was racing, it was pitch black  as dark as the night sky, where was I, what was happening?


500 wc

      Nowhere  to be Safe!

Creak! Creak! my heart pounded, I saw a lurking shadow appear. Fear painted mine and Kimi’s faces. Out of the corner of our eye’s we saw a old abandoned shed but we didn’t expect to find the dark horrors within. The shed was plastered in blood, spelling out revenge I slowly started to bleed Bang! we quickly grabbed anything we could and barricaded the door, we had to escape without the monster seeing us “we could dig a tunnel and dig our way home or we could just go out the window” Niall suggested.
“NO!” Bellowed Kimi “we should fight it like a man”
“are you serious we will be killed” “we might be able to distract it with a decoy tho”, we pondered. “Yes! that is it we could use a lady but we will have to make it” bang “quick the door isn’t going to hold much longer” Kimi said nervously
“Finished” there was silence then footsteps leading away, we jumped out of the window and legged it away, but he saw use. We ran to my house but the monster was gone. We thought it would be the end of that but it wasn’t.

The next day we decided to return to the scene of our fears.  Kimi and me went to the forest, being as brave as we possible could.  We scanned the area many times, were we in the wrong part of the forest? the shed was gone. For what felt like ages we retraced our footsteps, a cold shiver went down my spine, we were frozen to the spot at the thought, the shed was really gone. How or why we may never find out or did I dream it.  That was impossible as not only did I dream it but Kimi must of too, NO NO NO that cannot be true. We followed the footsteps again but this time, they stopped, we looked up there was an old creepy house we didn’t dare go in it. Something lured me in, I couldn’t put my finger on it. An old woman appeared the next thing I’m surrounded in complete darkness! I see a figure appear out of the darkness, it approach me, my face started to sweat suddenly I heard a girl screaming HELP HELP it was  hopeless I was strapped to a table. Light came on, the old woman’s face was so wrinkly and scary, Kimi was still not awake. I spotted a knife next to me, I could cut the rope I thought but I couldn’t reach it, she forgot to tie my legs I scraped it off with my foot. Then I grabbed it and cut the rope and then woke Kimi up but he didn’t wake. I started to cut his rope, I grabbed a metal pole and scouted for the old women. For revenge of killing my friend I found her and knocked her out I went to get Kimi he was gone!




100 wc

I was so excited, today I was going to town to spend some of my  birthday money.  I was thinking of buying a helicopter that flies without a controller.  I hastily went into the shop and saw the very one I had my heart set on.  The lady told me that it would cost £30.00.  That’s a lot of money I thought but I really wanted it.  When I got it home I turned it on I was so disappointed as you did need a control, they didn’t mention that on the packet. I decided to return it to the shop.

slow writing challenge

The icy winds glissened in the sun, ice as far as the eye could see, then I saw a mystical shadow emerge out of the branches. Crack Crack CRACK! I could feel it getting closer every second, my hairs stood on end I started to shake, fear painted our faces. The ice slowly but gradually started to crack the monster was as big as a truck. My  mum and I were separated ”aaaaaarrrrrrrrr”. Quietly I picked up a branch and hit it, he picked me up my mum screamed for help, who was going to hear us?

100 WC

I woke up out of my deep slumber, it was a typical day, rain was pouring down.  My mum dragged me out of bed, I slowly dressed myself. Mum called me for breakfast which I devoured, jumped into the car and arrived at school. Lessons went on for ever, finally school was over, see what had been on my mind all day was that we were waiting on the keys for our new house, I could burst I was so excited.  Mum met me, big smile on her face, we had got them, it was a new start for us all.

Slow Writing Challenge – Niall

Cautiously I avoided the lurking horrors. My heart pounded as fast as a drum. Was I alone? the never ending cycle that tormented me. My palms sweating my hairs on end. Before I knew what happened I felt a blistering pain in my right leg, it felt like a thousand daggers! A few minutes later I saw a mysterious shadow, my sight fading away, then a hazy face appeared, I felt as helpless as a kitten.

Dragon’s Den #1

Last week, the children made their chocolates that they had been planning for quite some time!

Today, they began using their Literacy skills to plan a persuasive presentation   which will take place on Thursday. Using a speech, a poster and a slideshow, the children must convince the dragons (the teachers!) that their chocolate is the most unique.

Here are some early efforts; what do you think?