“He should have never been here in the first place”.

I was arguing with my brother. He invited his friend on holiday with us and ruined our trip. He got us kicked out of the best hotel and we still have to wait for the plain for three more days! “Where will we go then Tom?” I carried on as a gentle breeze blew across my face. I remember the smell of the lovely food in the restaurant. Now we have to wait outside. How will me and my family get home. Will we be ok? Is this it for us?

A Little Riddle…

Here is a question I did for you. Can you get it? 

A cowboy rode into town on Friday and stayed there for three days but went out of town on Friday. How did he do it?

I will tell the answer on the 25th of May!

Could you get it right?

Making cards

Sometimes in my free time I do crafting with my mum. We make cards for special occasions or just to say thank you for something. My favourite card my mum has ever made is the one for my birthday. It was about a horse and a jockey and it was a beautiful blue. The picture on the card was quite funny because the horse was sitting down like a dog and the rider has a learner’s hanger!