Optical Illusions

Here are some Optical Illusions. Optical Illusions mess with your brain and send different messages to your brain that tells you one thing and another.

How many legs?

Does it spin and get bigger when blinking?

Who’s heads that’s?

Which way round are the hoops?

Which one is smiling?

Stare at the cross for 30 seconds then look at a wall or something light colored.

Can you see Jesus because I can?

Who can you see?

What can you see two people or a vase? 

Can you see two women having dinner or a skull?

What can you see? Look closely.

Please comment for all the answers to my questions. 🙂


Optical illusion

Today we learnt about optical illusions. It is where you look at something and it plays tricks with you. On some illusions, the pictures are completely still but when you focus on it properly it looks like its wiggling. This illusion looks like they are twisting.