The piano

The old man sat facing the piano, gazing into oblivion. Thomas pressed the dusty keys, creating his source of life, gathering his thoughts. He was alone in a pitch black room then suddenly his eyes opened to see.

A cold chill shivered down my spine as a recent memory came back to me. I knew something was on its way and coming here; cometh of my dearest companion- somebody so close to me . Somebody I once loved but has been extracted away from me. The memory came before me: blurring, hovering and confronting me. Recognizing her I smiled. She pressed the keys playing the same piece ; playing the most wonderful piece. It was a truly special lady- my wife. As she played her last note I felt her warm lips pressing against me cheek. She disappeared.

He  got out of his memory starting to feel alone in the same room as something dreadful came to him, something tragic. He suddenly felt a flash of guilt, knowing that he had to face something evil. Knowing that he had to come face to face with the devil inside. A fear painted his face as his world up side-down. He started to play faster.

Something began to come to me but thinking about it I would say It wasn’t a pleasant memory. It was a memory about the war, working as a medic. A of sorrow.

Suddenly, I saw it . Eventually I heard it. But who was it?. Bang! went a noise   like a lions roar. Who was he? I said Instantly realizing I had a gun! “Get down!” shouted the same man standing next to me. “Who are you?” I said to the man quizzically. He pulled an unknown face which I couldn’t tell if its I smile or a frown. “Cover me” I prepared my kit ” I’m ready”

” you sure ”

” yes “. He went out and I was un-prepared . Before I could blink, Bang! I rushed to the man. He was lieing down with red things- blood all over him I held his hand hard remembering who he was ; how much he ment  to me.

Thomas pressed the keys hard in frustration trying to forget injustice, the mistake, the sadness, the guilt.He suddenly remembered something else.

My pet bird 100wc

 my pet bird

Every day my life seems to be a short circuit of the same casual events . I go down for my breakfast and have my burger. Suddenly the bird swooped down and snatched my burger out of my hands. Apparently its my untrained, misunderstood bird.I stomped in rage knowing that it had stop ; knowing that it can not go on. I had to start training him for a change.

it started with a warm up then the proper exercise but it couldn’t fly. The problem was of all of the burger it ate. it was just hopeless.


Bradly Chalkers diary (the change)



Lets just get one thing straight…… my mum forced me to write this diary when I specifically told her that I wanted journal . But really, I only wanted it  to scribble in it because of the fact that I had nothing to scribble on and Mrs Ebbel kept spotting me scribble on my desk. The main reason is that, what if one of the girls see holding my diary.   Coleen, Miranda but worst of all Loud mouth Lori- she can tell the whole school!

Tuesday (Morning)

The first thing I hear every morning is things like ” you sleep like a pig” or ” stop snoring Bradly! ” . It’s kinda funny in a way because if you look at their faces you would think that there going mad or something.

Because I am Bradly Chalkers I MUST take a shower occasionally, I recon about once a month???. This is when it comes to “pretending” .( Its basically lying).


 Your probably asking why does Bradly lie to every one except his cute and cuddly toys that does not do ANYTHING. well good question the answer is obviously because I am the one and only Bradly Chalkers the bully. Until I met Carla…………

Sir Alex Ferguson

In my opinion, Sir Alex is my Hero and it is really sad to see him go. He has achieved many thing and he has done his work at Manchester united. Sir Alex did an emotional Speech and some of his words were ” My team stood by me always and make sure you stand by your new manager, David Moyes.

There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom poem

I’m Bradly C, a misunderstood lad,

I am an Island, I am sad

Last seat last row I sit alone,

The worst place the worst zone

Carla kind girl is so sweet,

I bless the day when we meet

Gold stars, Gold stars I must possess,

Which minute, Which hour can I guess?

I shall take take flight to success with Angel wings,

Where Angels and Saints, glory sings

But because of Jeff and his horrid group,

My dream of success will become poop

Surrounded by this group I’m shivering with fright,

I killed them with kindness and won the fight

Oz the Great and Powerful

Recently, I went to the cinema to see Oz the great and powerful 3D. I went with my Aunt and Uncle. We eat popcorn and we had drinks to watch it with. Witches kept popping up in 3D and it made my drop my popcorn.

This is a story about a magician called Oz who got sucked into a tornado and landed at a place called Oz. That place was magic and the people some sort of Wizard but he wasn’t………………….

Don’t Panic! part 2

Here is another reason you should never panic in test, extended writes, homework, S.A.Ts or anything else………………..YOU WILL FAIL. You fail  because sometimes we human beings, over think and some weird junk pops into our heads.

There was always fights on this planet but this was the most epicest one yet and I’m not even sure if epicest is even a word. There is epic and I’m just adding a EST at the end which couldn’t cause any harm. Like I was saying, this fight is going to be the most epicest one yet.

What to read on? I will put the next bit next week.

Owen 100wc

Sport’s day. The sun was shining, birds chirping; everything was going my way. The first event was relay. I was the first person to run on my team to run. I just waited in – patiently for the gun to go bang and for me to run. I waited ; jumping on tip toes, ready. Sweat suddenly ran from my head, down my head. My arm instantly goes to a very uncomfortable position. The man aimed the gun in the air.

We were off. I was running at full speed. I got tired. Suddenly the pain in my arm weakened me. I fell. my team was very angry.

Don’t Panic!

“There it was. The sun illuminating the atmospheric and the universe around us. I just relaxed as the sun sustained the heat. I just want to lay here, for years and years. It just maintained the heat.” Suddenly I realized that It today was a school day and on school days I had to go to school and also, that was a brilliant start to the extended write we  where going to do day. The very next part could be ” then a monster from outer space eats our heads of ” or ” a very ugly man so ugly that once he literally burnt my eyes out. More and more Ideas Poped into my head as I hurried of to school but I couldn’t choose because it was a too hard decision to make. As I came out of the house, a Fat ugly man was mowing the lawn. Like in my story I planed out, he was so ugly and fat that it nearly burnt my eyes out. I really wanted to tell him how ugly he was but It some how felt like the wrong thing to do.” The sun got closer and closer. I died.” I instantly became to panic. What if my story was to short and boring! I thought deeper.” Every thing was white and I floated. I was an Angel about to take flight to heaven.” The ugly man stood, mouth opened and eyes fixed at me as I was some sort of fool. I panicked more and tried to think of a different topic.

“one potato,

two potato,

three potato,


burgers on sale

monsters from outer space

rude teachers

things that smell bad


dirty nappy’s


Steven Gerard

Lionel Messi


red cards


Things that look funny”

Unfortunately I got a Z minus that my teacher made up!



Lost in a cave!

Heart pounding                                                                                                                        Body shivering

Stomach rumbling

Mind blowing

Footsteps ecoing

Eyesight going

Getting scared

Going mad

Missing teddy