St Joseph

St Joseph

St joseph was man who always worked hard in all the Jobs that he had to come face to face with. He was a normal man until his wife (mary) gave birth to Jesus Christ our saviour. He watches over children with a loving care as he guarded and cared for the Infant Saviour. He protects families because he was the head of the greatest family that ever existed. He also loves workers because even if he came from the royal house of David, he worked as a carpenter to support the Holy Family.


I was lost in a  forest with nothing but a teddy to prevent me from losing my mind. I looked at the view, the only good thing about getting lost. I saw that there were birds chirping and a morning breeze rushed through the air.  I wanted to take this oppertunity  to just sit and enjoy the scenery while clutching my teddy bear. I saw passing animals slowly pausing and looking at me. they were two deers, looking friendly. I rose up to my feet and saw a strange shape in the air. It came closer. It was a helicopter.


I was walking home from school after a busy day and I felt like going to the school nearby. There was a road in between . Slowly I began to look both ways left and right. I glared at the cars as they raced past me leaving leaves and bits of paper following it in its path. The road was clear now. I took my firsts steps slowly still looking both sides. ” keep walking I said in my head, repeatably. beginning to pick up paste I carried on looking left to right. Until a car raced towards me, over speeding. “The car stopped suddenly”


It was a day at the beach and I was sitting by the shore, enjoying myself. There were ; shimmering waves, , crabs , and sea shells scatted on the ground. I looked at the nearby shops and I wanted to see whats in there. I felt like eating ice cream on a hot day. Soon my dad walked towards me, telling me the dangers in the shops.

” how dangerous could it be?” I stepped one step at a time thinking about what he said. Hours later I made my desision. I wanted to buy it.

“It didnt mention this on the packet!” I said while tornado’s surrounded me.

500w challenge

We were doing a 500 word challenge and we were allowed to make it in between 500 and 400 but luckily I made it to exactly 500!



It was the early spring. The time of year where there are flowers, with emerald green stems and extraordinary petals . My favorite were with bright colors like scarlet and    sapphire blue pestles. Everything except nettles.

Soon, I got out of bed and admired the spring view. Then I got straight onto my normal wake-up routine. Slowly I began to stretch hard to get my heart going and ready for another hard day. I felt the fresh feeling rushing through me, sustaining me and waking me up in the proper way. I sauntered downstairs, smiling from cheek to cheek , having the feeling I’ve visited a warm and humble place in Heaven. There I met my dear family who were having a morning feast. I smiled to each and every one of them and they smiled back.
“Good morning” they said cheerfully as I sat on the table.
“ Good morning” I answered back even more cheerfully. Slowly I inspected the room, looking for something pleasant to eat until I noticed a strange, old, garden outside. I paused then I went closely to the garden door but I was stopped by my mother who was beside me. She slowly put her hand on my shoulder, trying to calm me down.
“ please do not go there” she suddenly said.
“ Ok” I answered.

That night, I tucked in bed and tried to sleep but something was waking me up. I heard a bang and some unnecessary noises therefor I had absolutely no choice. I just had to see what was going on. Swiftly I changed into my outdoor clothes.

The dark night was pitch black and scary in a lot of ways. moonlight shining upon me, the only light there is. Strong winds howling and scaring me to death. I stood there wishing that I had brought a teddy to keep me from losing my brain. Slowly, I went from walking to sprinting so I can get it over with. Then I started following the strange noises until it lead me to the same garden. Mostly there were fierce nettles and weeds. My mouth dropped as   I looked closely at the plants but I wanted to stop this nonsense once and for all . I took a deep breath, looked at the victim and thought“ how could I do this wearing sandals?” suddenly I realized that I have to face and conquer my fears. I took one step at a time and began to meticulously walk through the shower of nettles and thorns. Suddenly the thorns started to get higher and It almost reached my neck ! But suddenly something unbelievable happened. A flash of light shone before me when I was least expecting It. It blinded me in seconds and I couldn’t see anything. The winds grew strong followed several tornadoes. The houses caught on fire and the sky was filled with smoke and bad air and a giant fly trap rose up.

That’s all I remember before I ended up at the hospital!

Slow writing

Quizzically, I stumbled across several sticks and twigs. It was like I was walking through  the worst place in hell, losing my breath in the murky smell of mud and rotten veg. Was I going to be lost in a place what looks like the middle of the biggest woods in country? I kept        walking but the same trees. Time past by, and I knew I was going in circles ” I’m doomed!”

kojo’s story chapter 4-5

this is a part of my story.

Chapter 4

Lecochon  was stool inside the hut, shouting and screaming and I went to pascal excitedly to give pascal the banana. I walked along a long path that was covered in squelching mud and a few twigs. Suddenly I heard the UN-satisfying sound of Lecochon’s enormous, heavy  boots stomping on the mud and bone chilling me in every step he did.                                                             “this is not good!” I thought to myself almost saying it out loud.                                                           “Hey,who’s slackin ” Lecochon bellowed loudly.He bolted several doors before welcoming himself onto the path.I knew that I had to pick up the paste.Quickly, I wizzed round the corner and I saw pascal standing at the end of the path.I smiled. Then I looked again.Looking at him, I saw the holes i his clothes and he was bleeding like heed been wiped twenty times. It looked like he’d just finished running a marathon! I paused for minutes.

From the corner of my eye I saw Lecochon striding towards us like the angry pig he really was, Until we came face to face. “who stole my banana!” he shouted. I stepped forwards anxiously. He threatened me with his metal whip then  wiped me hard.

Chapter 5

I was bleeding.Bleeding to death. It was so painful that I didn’t have a word to describe it except the word “Ouch”. I was jumping up and down rapidly, trying to wear out the    unbelievable amount of pain tingling my leg. I asked Pascal to help me inside but he said”I need to finish my work ” I understood. Slowly, I stumbled to the hut without any support if I fell. A sombre feeling inside me made me cry both inside and out. Butterflies filled  my tummy as I entered the unfriendly smell of Lecochon “I don’t belong here ” I roared across the hut. I entered my room and  settled my leg on a pillow.

Hours later, Pascal finished working and he sat down on the bed opposite me. “What where you thinking!” I didn’t say a word.It was silent for minutes until pascal started taking about his family. Then I changed the subject. Again and again until something unexpected happen. He told me the same question “Have you ever killed anyone ” I paused for seconds then I changed the subject before he can say a word. Soon we was talking about the plantation  and how dreadful it was. “Lets escape” the words came from nowhere. It was Pascal. “Lets grab a gun and go”


Frankenweenie reveiw

An amazing black and white extraordinary 3D film, directed by Tim Burton, Frankenweenie’s  out on 17th September. Tim Burton has decided to make his movie like “Frankenstine” but with a twist. This movie is rated PG-parental guidance. It contains, horror, sadness and mostly humour. It’s supposed to teach people a lesson.

It all starts with a boy called Victor Frankenstine………