The butterfly dragon by phillip

The butterfly dragon

In the deep green rain forest lives the butterfly dragon.It is not only a dragon.It was the greatest dragon of all dragons.It started centuries ago when the vikings went to europe.The dragon walked in a path of plain wet grass.It walked right to a tree where the dragon was’nt there.It was a glowing wight butterfly fluttering around the calm gentle wind.It flew to the dried bright green leaf.It stayed there for a while like a statue.Calmly, it flew again in front of a beast with a fluffy golden mane.A lion.

The butterfly danced in front of the lion straight into the lions mum.The small little lion followed the glowing butterfly to see why the butterfly was glowing.The butterfly quickly flew up as high as it could trying to avoid the huge lions dad.The butterfly flapped its wings and pushed the calm air into the ground.Sudenly,the lion acidently treaded on the the golden mane.The lion became furious but  never did anything.

There was a crease above the eye.The lion slept again never worrying about the dark plants around him.The lion caught the butterfly but as he was looking through his dark brown paws the butterfly flew and quickly dived through the the invisible wind.The lion ran as fast as he could.Finally he found the butterfly hovering above the dark green grass.The butterfly doesn’t even looks like it was moving its pale wight wings.The lion leaped to the butterfly but the butterfly was to quick.The butterfly was quick as lightning as it flew the to the orther side of the dark rough tree.

The lion walked to the orther side when he saw the a huge bright dragon in front of him.”Is this the butterfly I was looking for?” he thought.Quickly,the dragon pounced and pounced to the orther side of the huge cliff.The lion found the dragon but the lion noticed a very huge gap that is nearly a hundred feet to the beautiful village.The lion does not know what he is thinking but his gohstly mind made him jump over the huge gap.He fell and fainted waiting for him to die.

All of a sudden something,lifted him to the muddy mountain.It was the bright wight dragon.The lion opened his eyes wondering why he was on the ground.Then,the lion looked up at the glittering dragon and whispered”why did you save me.”The dragon made a little grin and walked next to the golden lion.They sat in a rock looking up on the star.”The star is wonderful”He quietly said.The lion looked at the direction where the dragon was looking.The dragon wasn’t there.In stead he found the dragon staring at him with a thin rock.The lion grabbed the rock wondering what am I pose to do?The lion looked at the dragon and touched the glowing fur.

After,the lion touched the rock.A magic glow of dust left a mark.The lion was surprised.The lion started to make something.The lion made a mask.The lion couldn’t see when something magical went inside the mask.It was the magic glowing butterfly.The lion was actually happy when he could see.He felt power within him.He went back to his mum.The butterfly came out the mask and met his new friend.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

The prayer by Sneha and Phillip

The prayer

God is my hope.He is calling me inside.He made me to do my duty.

I have my mission… He has not created me for nothing.

My sickness and our sorrow wont help him but it will serve him.

He knows what’s best for me and he knows that He’s my destiny.

By Sneha and Phillip          What do you think?