My Poem

The one that loves to dance


She is small, she is skinny, but she sure knows how to move her feet,

The one she hates said something horrid

And that one really is very solid

She said

“Make me scream, make me suffer but I’ll embarrass you like Katy Snuffer


She is small, she is skinny, but she sure knows how to move her feet,

She practiced and practiced until she was too good

And dance the night away if she could

She said

“I may be small, I may be skinny but baby I know how to move my feet


Thank you for reading! I wrote this all by myself!


The Thing

In school we had a poem contest where if we won we would preform our poem at St Benedict’s  theatre . I decided to share my poem with you .

Its pink eyes stare

You can see joy proudness hunger

Its teeth shimmer sharp as razors

Who put me here ? Why ?

The rock I hide behind is no use

It sees me it growls it attacks

My life apperes in front of me

A vision of Joy Hope Dreams

Its on top of me

My own blood splatters me

I hear the crunching of bones the ripping of flesh

Then it stops my pain goes

Then I see it the thing that killed me

A thing never seen before

A thing so ugly its stare melts flesh

Its teeth chew through stone

Its saliva burns

Now the silence surrounds me


P.S. I wrote this by myself

My Poem

 Mummy Poem

My husband is a stupid, ugly lad                                                          
And all my children are very very bad
And my children don’t even like me!
Espiecally one and his name is Lee
Me and my mother never got along
My children play me like the’re playing ping pong
I buy 5 things for them every day
Can I have a cup of tea, can I may?
At 8 o’clock that’s bye bye to the light
I put them to bed without a fight
Me and my family don’t have anything in common at all
They will do what they’re told is I give them a call
That was my poem I hope you like it!

There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom poem

I’m Bradly C, a misunderstood lad,

I am an Island, I am sad

Last seat last row I sit alone,

The worst place the worst zone

Carla kind girl is so sweet,

I bless the day when we meet

Gold stars, Gold stars I must possess,

Which minute, Which hour can I guess?

I shall take take flight to success with Angel wings,

Where Angels and Saints, glory sings

But because of Jeff and his horrid group,

My dream of success will become poop

Surrounded by this group I’m shivering with fright,

I killed them with kindness and won the fight

Lost in a cave!

Heart pounding                                                                                                                        Body shivering

Stomach rumbling

Mind blowing

Footsteps ecoing

Eyesight going

Getting scared

Going mad

Missing teddy




london eye poem

It takes you so high into to sky.

You feel like to step off the edge and fly.

Up up up then down down down in the london eye.

Eagle wings you look like up and round you go.

So your soaring through the sky looking out your eye.

quiet as can be shiver shiver up we go!


London poem


Look around see every glum and quiet no talking is required.

On a tube up and down no happy faces its all  upside down.

No not one conversation everybody sighs and sits in a slump.

Does it ever come to there mind to open up and speak?

On every rusty day the travel back to earn there pay.

No I do not think they can speak there mind has taken time.