Christmas (acrostic poem)

Christmas, a time for forgiveness and everlasting joy

Happiness engulfing the crisp winds

Reindeer prancing through the pear coloured snow

Imaginations of children running wild

Snow elegantly drifting in the harsh discordent winds

Together family’s huddle around an open fire that’s amber flames sways gentley

Mistletoe hung deep within brackes of the trees

An excitement that could never dimish

Smiles gleaming in the warn undeniable joy of Christmas day


by Rene

Say Goodbye (the poem)

She lay in her rocking,

breathing;just breathing

her back cripled and arched

rocking always rocking

her hands holding mine

rocking always rocking

don’t leave me I whisper

she rocks backwards and forwards

her face wrikled in age and sorrow

rocking always rocking

her breathing slowing down

Goodbye she mumbled

no longer rocking never rocking.


My little brother (the poem)

Here is a poem I wrote about my 5 year old brother Jamie. It is an acrostic poem

Jumping with joy but hes just a boy,
A lovely little terror, who rarely make an error
Mischief man and he calls his sister Ann
I couldn’t wish for some one better even when he opened my letter
Eye to eye he made me cry

hoped you liked it