The floor less ground!


I wish that my room had a floor!

I don’t so much care for a door!

But this crawling around

Without touching the ground

Is getting to be quite a bore.


By Gelett Burgess


My TV came down with a chill!


My tv came down with a chill.

As soon as I saw it was ill

I wrapped up its channels

In warm winter flannels

And gave its antenna a pill.


By Willard R. Espy



The Abomination (Poem)

The mishap

The accident

The odd one out

I am the abomination

I dwell in the shadow of inconspicuousness

Dodged by mortal minds

I am the abomination

The earth, the black hole, sucking me into oblivion

I am the abomination

I am barely alive, I live with only half a human heart

For I am the abomination

The carcass of the camel that lay in ye field

I am the abomination

The one who disappeared under the waves of immortality

I am the abomination; forever the abomination