A trip to the national forest adventure farm.

On friday me and my friends went to the adventure farm and it was great.We watched racing pigs and the one that I voted won.After we went on this big bouncy pillow that was really fun.Next we went into the maze it had hardly grown but we still had fun doing the mummy hunt,then went to see the farm animals.Finally we all went into the play area and went down one of the drop slides.

Our prayer

God has not created me for nothing

I have my mission

He makes me strong when I am weak,

He gives me trust everyday,

When I am alone he comforts me,

He gives me joy when I  am sad,

He gives me hope

By Poppy and Joe.

We need your help!

We have had a brilliant day tasting even more chocolate as part of our market research. We have been finding out how chocolate companies make their product unique, so that we can begin to develop our own ideas.

There were lots of very exciting and unique designs, including chilli popping candy and a white, dark and milk chocolate egg! After hearing all of the product designs, we decided we might need a little more help. This is where we need you!

Poppy and Kimi created this excellent questionnaire, which the class then worked together to improve upon. Please help us further our research and answer the questions below.

Thank you!