100WC- Molly & Rene

Mr C: Molly and Rene had a slight twist to their 100wc this week. Working together, they weren’t allowed to have any sentences the same length as one another. They were challenged to include sentences of 4, 5, 6 words, all the way to 14. How do you think they did? 

I should also mention that both Molly and Rene stayed in during some of their lunch-time to fine tune their work. Great commitment!

Light beat heavily down on the placid water. Waves of serenity swamped over me. Crackling in the  wind  was the tranquil melody of the herins orchestra. It carved through the stillness, leaving calico ripples in its place. In distress, the burnt copper fish thrashed with distraught anticipation. The bird swooped down and with its beautiful audacious power, it angelically dived streamline into the transparent looking-glass. Up into the air soared the bird. The fish, in desperation, hung on to the beak. Crash! Their end was upon them. The fish dropped downwards.

The Face

Suddenly the pain in my arm burst open in agony as a shower of claret blood dappled the surrounding vegetation. The gunshot ricocheting in my ears; I dived down to the ground. A scream reverberated through the chilled summer air. My arm still throbbing, I shoot the rifle obliviously over my  head towards the violent slaughter.


Life taken in seconds. Now I see my friends body lying on the ground. I forced through  to see his face though; it wasn’t him that I saw : Never before had I see such fear paralyzing a man’s face. It’s the face that will always haunt me ;not the fight.


Why i should have my own Blog

Dear Mr Connor,

I feel that I am the preferable candidate to have my own blog because I believe this will be a beneficial learning experience; I can get feedback and constructive criticism  from a wider range of people making my writing more advanced and improving my perspective and interpretation of writing.

I will attempt to make regular updates and make each visit to my blog worth while. I also will always be looking for new ways to improve my blog  and insure my posts are of the highest quality. I will have the chance to broadcast my work and develop a larger array of Technics and styles. I will relish my rare opportunity to be creative and make a unique reading experience for anybody that visits  my blog.

Not only will I benefit from a blog but  also the school blogs will be given an advantage; I will assist in publicising the blogs with links and tags helping to promote our schools’ learning.

To conclude, I should receive a class blog because: it will aid me in gaining skills and developing my brain;I will refurbish my site frequently and make intriguing posts that were well thought through and advertise schools work.


Yours Faithfully


Free Like the Wind

The wind forever changing course never compelled to stay anywhere. Never scared nor ambivalent. Not needing of friends nor companions. Just wind alone with its thoughts and power. Waste no words on pleading; the wind answers not to mortals. Invincible, unstoppable and yet it contains its indignant power and rests peacefully as a breeze, but when trusting the wind one must remember the gale-force  that it holds.

100 word Challenge

I couldn’t help myself. It entangled me in it’s vice like grip. I couldn’t think for myself. It was a growth that had attached itself onto my brain. My thought’s had been obliterated. The words repeated in my head in a pulsating mutter: the key, the key. It’s killing me, crushing my soul. Soon I’ll just be alive; a shell of a child, nothing more than a body that I used to be. Now I’m so much more since the key. I have been different ; as time goes by I will become less and less like I used to be.

Great Fire of London: eyewitness accounts

On Friday we were refreshing our memories about the Great Fire of London – why, when, how and where it started, as well as exploring the reasons why it spread so quickly.

We worked in pairs to interview characters who were there on those fateful days in 1666. Some children wanted to be Samuel Pepys, others were Thomas Farriner, while there was some great role-playing and imagination from children who put themselves into the situation.

Can you guess who is who?



It is commonly thought that spiders are part of the insect family but this misconception.For they are arachnids, another class of invertebrates.  Included in this class are  scorpions, spiders, daddy long legs, mites and other eight legged invertebrates.    

Scorpions and spiders are closely related ,though the appearance  may be deceiving .

There are over 1 million different speice of Arachnid that have already been discover and there is expected to be thousand more. I’m fascinated by these pre-historic looking invertebrate. There is still so much we don’t know about them but Aracnoligists are developing a  better understanding of them each day  it seems some people have phobias of arachnids but really we should admire them.



Slow Writing Challenge

The icy slope stand so innocently failing to expose the sharp inconsistent incline. A death trap.For anything to come across ,the misfortune of encounter, with it,is destined to the bleak sombre grave. Like a Purple-necked Pitcher Plant it seems so virtuous  but holds a heart-wrenching secret. Blissful children doomed to there unforeseeable deaths. Obliviously, they veer down it’s forgiving banks and into the arms of despair.

My Audio Tour

In literacy, we have been making tours of the school, I decided to make an audio tour of the junior area of the school.This is my tour.


Slow Writing Challenge

Distraught, I ambled along the serpentine path. Like a snake it swerved in inconsistent turns. Will this never ending path ever end? If not it will drive me psychopathic. What started as a tranquil walk has become a pulsating cycle. Years go by as I gradually erode from the inside.


God has given me the gift of life, therefore I will not waste it. I will give it purpose, for God has not created me for nothing.I have purpose. I have trust in God. I will nurture my life, my family and my faith, never straing from God’s love.I have my mission, I will fight for  justice. I know that whatever happens is for a reason, for God does nothing in vain.I will fulfil my mission, my purpose and my life. For God, I will do anything.

My Christmas

This year I had a wonderful Christmas.After a restless night of relentless turning,  my sister and I awoke up at 7:00. Then, we … up are drier-eyed parent’s. When we were all, nearly, awake I scarpered down stairs. To tear open crimos  wrapping-paper that revealed a ‘ bladeztoyz ‘ remote control helicopter, a Swiss army knife, Venus fly trap seeds, a kit to make candles and a guitar that I will soon learn to play. Most of the day we tried out are new games and helped make the cranberry sauce.

For Christmas dinner, we had a Mediterranean vegetable Wellington, steamed asparagus, green beans and carrots, as well as roasted potatoes and brussel-sprouts.

We had a Quiet evening, at the end of the day we huddled around the fire and watched       ‘ The Christmas Carol ‘. Though it was simple it was a memorable and wonderful Christmas.


Christmas (acrostic poem)

Christmas, a time for forgiveness and everlasting joy

Happiness engulfing the crisp winds

Reindeer prancing through the pear coloured snow

Imaginations of children running wild

Snow elegantly drifting in the harsh discordent winds

Together family’s huddle around an open fire that’s amber flames sways gentley

Mistletoe hung deep within brackes of the trees

An excitement that could never dimish

Smiles gleaming in the warn undeniable joy of Christmas day


by Rene