Carla’s Report on Bradley

Bradley Chalkers was the first child I talked to. I know he can change; it’s just he is afraid to. He didn’t know how to but I have shown him and is now what he always was on the inside.

His attitude towards school was the worst it could possibly be at first. He just needs to concentrate and he will have lots of gold stars. Now he is desperate for a star but doesn’t know how  to act for one. I vowed to myself I’d make him change and he has with my help.

I know Bradley wants to change but he thinks no-one will respect him if he does. Now he understands -I think- he won’t be worried any more. At first, he said he didn’t like me, but I am a professional and I knew he was lying- all the time! He wants friends, but doesn’t know how to get them. Bradley is misunderstood, which makes things even worse.

The worst thing happen now is that Bradley could go back to what he was at the start. As a counsellor, I hope he won’t and will be very successful in later life, which I am sure he will be. Otherwise, mine and Bradley’s work won’t have paid off.

Dear Parents, Bradley is now up to standard for behaviour at school. I’m sure he will be successful and will go up a grade next term, but will have to continue paying attention at school and completing his homework. I hope this will help your child and I hope he does well.

Carla Davies