Kojo’s story Chapter 3

One hour later,I heard footsteps near the door. I heard a deafening bang

“who’s there?”I asked. No one replied I said again “who’s there?”
“Le Cochon!” the pig replied
“Come in !” I shouted
“Pascal come here.”Le Cochon muttered. I felt anxious I didn’t know what to do.
“What you going to him?”I asked
“Don’t worry.”The Pig said. The pig took him I had to think of a plan how to get him back here.
It was night time I didn’t go to sleep it was really hard to see in the darkness. Felling nervous,I was looking for Pascal then I saw someone he looked like Pascal. I went to see if thats him.
“Is everything alright ?” I asked Pascal. Pascal didn’t reply
“We need to escape!”Pascal Shouted
“How?”I asked
“Lets think of a plan!”Pascal called
“Tomorow in the night we need to run away from the plantation”Pascal whispered

Kojo’s story chapter 2

The next day,with Pascal again I stood up and saw that Pascal was gone. I didn’t know what to do.

Then, I went to the green and colourful plantation I saw Pascal arguing with Le Cochon. I heard that he said “you not eating anything today!”

“Lunch time!” Le Cochon shouted. I thought I would get that bannana that was on the tree for Pascal.

“Psst! Pascal that’s me Kojo I got a bannana for you.”

“Thank you Kojo”Pascal said

“What happend with you and Le Cochon?”

“I dont know.”Pascal replied

“Just go the pig will see you!”Pascal whispered

“Ok.” I whispered



Kojo’s Story : Chapter 1

“Have you ever killed anyone?”The question silenced the room.                                       “Non of your business”I replied shifting about on the wooden plank wich served as me as a bed.                                                                                                                                     “Just asking” Pascal chimed in . I peered at the stars above the plantation grounds “Anyway if I did I would not trust you with that sort of  information. Even if I did it would not matter, because when I get my pay I am going to leave this prison and I am going to find what is left of my family.                                                                                                          “I shifted about and quietly added”If I do leave then you are not coming with me.”