The shadow! by Luke

I woke up with a fright.Someone was watching me, I’m sure of it!I could not sleep at all that night. Early in the morning about 8:00 I had a stroll in the park.The same feeling came across me.It was hard to forget!I turned around quickly nothing their.Apart from my shadow,I blinked and it was gone!I ran back home without a stop. Finally,I was at the safest place I could be,HOME!

I saw my shadow it was walking up the stairs step at a time.All of a sudden,I saw the shadow slowly moving now getting closer to me!I dropped my keys with fright. Know where to go I thought fast what was the enemy to light…dark!I shut every curtain in my  house finally,it was gone.But not for long…

I felt safe,very safe.

2 years later,I remembered that day,that problem,that shadow!The same nightmare I had 2 years ago!But would it come back?


The end